Hair Problem Rectification Attempt!!

Hair Problem Rectification Attempt!!

After suffering 4 days of criticisms, I felt that enough was enough. It’s time to take some measures to right the fault.

Upon a recommendation, I hastened my way to Chinatown point (in dark shades and turban to lessen the possibility of being recognised) to get my fringe re-shaped.

While surveying the damage, the hairdresser asked, “Aiyo! Which hairdresser did you go to?! Why cut your fringe until sooo shoooort???!!!!”
Ahwei: Yalor Yalor! Lousy hor! Next time don’t want to go there again!! (Who in the right mind would confess to this horrific crime?! So I decided to blame it on an imaginery person.)
Hairdresser: Please! Next time don’t ask your hairdresser to cut until so short!! Not nice!! (Made some tsk tsk sounds) I will try to thin it. Next time when your fringe grows back longer, then I cut it nicely for you. Ok??

The fringe now looks a wee bit better than before. It will be another few months before I can get it styled again……

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