Petals Around the Rose

Petals Around the Rose

Received the links in my email a century back. Just thought that it’s a perfect rainy day to clear them.

For those who simply love a puzzle, try solving this one. Petals Around the Rose. According to this article, the smarter you are, the longer you take. Right. That makes me not that smart after all. Hmm… *ponder* Then again, as Pig fondly puts it, high IQ doesn’t mean a successful life ahead. In fact, most of the down and out people are those with high IQs, as they wallow and dwell in their past glories.

So, if you can’t solve the puzzle or think you have a high IQ, don’t hurry to the wall to bash your brains out. I will give you a treat when I make it big with my high EQ and low IQ. Muahahhahahaha…..

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