Colours of Life!

Colours of Life!

Hmm.. The writing mechanism in my brain is rather stiff from long period of disuse. I’m too used to doing calculations and writing boring factual reports that I need some 10 minutes before I can gather my thoughts to write this entry. Maybe eating fish would help.


Back to the main topic – Colours of Life! Ta-Dah!! The latest brainchild of my friend, Jiahui, who’s into coaching. Her articles are revolving around Changes, Getting to know your true self and setting directions for your life.

In my opinion, which may be slightly biased, since she is one of my oldest friends after all, the blog provides interesting reading material. Of course, you probably won’t gain instant enlightenment, you know…. a 180 degrees change in your present lifestyle, but they may serve to direct your thoughts in the right area.


THERE! I have advertised your blog for you!! When will I be getting my dinner treat??!

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