Hospital Mechanism..

Hospital Mechanism..

28th May 2003 3pm

First impression : Changi hospital operates like a micro-Singapore.

Being a programmed Singaporean, I was set in an auto-obedience mode. Without knowing what the heck was happening, I have already been dutifully shuttled in and out of a series of rooms and have subjected myself to various tests and cross-examinations. The lengthy intervals between them were spent aimlessly at teh corridor, with the rest of my equally unsuspecting fellow comrades.

Once in a while, a fully masked and geared up nurse would approach me, mumble an incoherent “ y’ear sp.ect..acurs”, wave a brightly-lit torch into my eyes, before shuffling off to one of the nameless doors, oblivious to my plight and condition.

“Can someone tell me what’s happening??!!!”

As I am writing this, I continue my ignorant wait, hoping to see some kind of light at the end of the dark tunnel. OOops, here comes another nurse armed with… YET another torchLIGHT!! Not quite the same “light” I have in mind. Forgive my weak pun, waiting in incomprehension shrivels up my creative cells.


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