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Sunday Morning Snapshot – Calligraphy

Sunday Morning Snapshot – Calligraphy

We woke up to a cool Sunday morning. Dashed was our morning swimming plan. Alternatively, 宝贝 practised her calligraphy. Looked more like drawing to me though.


A very serious calligrapher she was.


My mom has been practising with her on this word for a long time. Can you make out what it is? Her surname – 梁. A lot of room for improvement.


She’s better with her ABCs.

Next year she’s supposed to be able to write her full Chinese name. She’ll need lots of practice. Thanks to her sadistic parents.

Where’s My “Me” Time??

Where’s My “Me” Time??

It’s always been like this. Everything I get a wave of inspiration or a special feeling that I want to blog about, I’d start on it. But when I’m in the middle of it, something crops up that requires my immediate attention. By the time I’ve put out a few fires and get back to my blogging, the inspiration or feeling has vanished.

Sigh… There are simply too many distractions in Singapore. It is really bad business for any form of creative writing. I’ll need to lock myself in a room, turn off all communication tools and work on it!!

I kind of miss the time that I had spent in Germany, totally isolated and cut off from the numerous distractions. The quality of writing I did over there was much better and of course, being in a new place helped. There were numerous new stuff, quirky feelings to blog about. And a lot of time was spent on self reflection, getting to know myself better.

Right now I just feel myself getting sucked in the whirlwind of activities, doing things because other people wanted to and not for because I wanted to do it. Where’s my space??? Where’s my “me” time???