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Sequel to the LG Refrigerator Saga

Sequel to the LG Refrigerator Saga

The maddening call to the LG customer hotline on Saturday morning left me with a bitter taste in my mouth.

I vented it out on social media and felt much much better. No need to practise yoga. Bitching on social media is also a form of destressing….

I stuck the photo of the burnt hole on the LG Singapore Facebook page and on Monday I received a follow up message in my Facebook mailbox and then a phone call from them.

Ok folks, ditch the hotline number. The service center is useless!!! Just go to the Facebook page!! Thank you Mark! For making a difference to our lives by starting Facebook!

They sent a Korean specialist to my home today to check out the Fridge foc. According to my Mom who was present (I was at work) the Korean was very “gan jiong” about the condition of the fridge and swore that it’s the first time it’s ever happened in the LG history. Gee! I must really go and buy 4d for this. So lucky ya!

He called me up and apologised profusely and offered to loan us an LG fridge until my new one arrives on Thursday. According to him, they were bringing the fridge back and were arranging for a team of specialists to fly in from Korea to investigate this.

What a vast difference in the attitudes! Compared to the laissez faire self righteous attitude of the LG customer hotline staff (backed by the various parties he consulted) this was indeed a 180° change.

He promised to let me know the results of their investigation.

The replacement fridge arrived in 2 hours. Pretty impressive turnaround time.

Meanwhile they should look into their hotline staff’s attitude. A lot can be done to it. And yes, the hotline personnel pissed me off. Big time!!