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Food Diary Day 88 – white cabbage purée

Food Diary Day 88 – white cabbage purée

I’ve been slacking in updating my food diary BUT I’m still diligently introducing low allergenic food to 小小宝贝 every 3 days. I’ll try to update it as often as I can.

Today is white cabbage day!


I love to eat white cabbage! You just need to lightly stir fry it to bring the sweetness out of it. It’s vastly versatile and can be paired off with most food. Best of all, it’s one of the low allergenic foods. Not only that, cabbage is a good source of beta-carotene, vitamin C and fiber.

Wash the leaves thoroughly. Cut them up into strips and steam them for 10 minutes.


All my cabbages stuffed into the steamer blender up to it’s brim.

Then blend!


I hope he will love it tomorrow.

Food diary summary…

Food Diary Day 19 – Sweet Pea Purée

Food Diary Day 19 – Sweet Pea Purée

This is the first store bought purée (well, minus the Heinz apple one which was unintentional) for 小小宝贝.

We had prepared sweet pea purée for 宝贝 a few years back. After our first attempt, we vowed not to do it again. It simply wasn’t worth the hassle.

In case, you are interested in the preparation procedure…
Buy a bag of frozen green peas from any supermarket.
Steam them for 10 mins.
Blend them.
Press the purée against a sieve to get rid of the hard skin.

It was the last step that “killed” us.

After sieving one big serving of green pea (the sieving took at least 15 minutes), we ended up with just 1/3 of it. Pathetic. After all that hard work….

So, while I shun off the shelf purée, the Healthy Times sweet pea purée is good enough for me.


Food Diary Summary…

Food Diary Day 13 – Sweet Potato Purée

Food Diary Day 13 – Sweet Potato Purée

小小宝贝’s purée repertoire has expanded. I’ve introduced him his first root – sweet potato.

Sweet potatoes are rich in complex carbohydrates, dietary fiber, beta-carotene (a provitamin A carotenoid), vitamin C, vitamin B6, manganese and potassium.

I’m slowly adding on food from every category and colours. I love colourful food!

Preparation :
Steam the sweet potato for 15-20 mins.
Skin it. After steaming, the flesh detaches easily from the skin. Blend it.


Food Diary Summary…

Food Diary Day 11 – Home Made Purée Vs Off the Shelf Purée

Food Diary Day 11 – Home Made Purée Vs Off the Shelf Purée

We left home in a hurry and we forgot to bring along the apple purée that Papa had painstakingly prepared for 小小宝贝. We bought a Heinz apple purée off the shelf of cold storage.

After 2 spoonfuls, 小小宝贝 clamped his little mouth up and refused to eat more.

I’ve sampled the store bought purée before. It tasted sweeter, denser in texture and not as fresh. Maybe it’s all in the mind, but the discerning baby could tell the difference. He’s been spoiled by home cooked food.

宝贝 helped us finish up the entire bottle. “Yummy!” She declared.

小小宝贝 had the home made one for dinner. He finished the entire cube and whined for more….

Food Diary Summary…

Food Diary Day 2 – More Brown Rice Cereal

Food Diary Day 2 – More Brown Rice Cereal

Still Brown rice cereal?! Of course! The 3 days food test. For all new food introduced to the baby, the proper way is to feed him with the same food for 3 consecutive days. In this way, if the baby develops a reaction, I can easily pinpoint the root of it and even trace it back to the previous food.

With my first child having a history of food allergies (luckily I did the 3 day food test with her), it pays to be super duper kiasu. The allergies come and go. Initially she was allergic to formula milk and berries.

Today I gave him more brown rice cereal as compared to day 1.

2 teaspoons of brown rice cereal
4 teaspoons of freshly prepared breastmilk (gosh! I sound like a cow.)


There he is. Sitting up, prim and proper, armed with his bib, eagerly waiting for his food.


Today I managed to take photos…


Kind of blurry because…. I took them with my feet….

Hahahaha. Of course not! I was trying to balance my phone with my left hand and trying to feed him at the same time, making sure that I didn’t thrust the spoon into his nose while taking photos. =.=”

He has learnt how to suck the cereal off the spoon today. Great learning curve. He must have got a kick out of it because he finished everything in a jiffy and whined for more…

I prepared one more teaspoon of cereal for him while he threw a tantrum during the short wait. Men are so impatient when it comes to food… Even 5.5 months old ones. Sigh. So typical.

He guzzled it down too. But with some hesitation near the end. Looks like 3 teaspoons is the right amount, for now.

Stay tuned for yet more brown rice cereal feeding. 🙂

Food Diary Summary…