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宝贝 – Being A Big Sister

宝贝 – Being A Big Sister

We have heard all kinds of horror stories of sibling rivalries. 宝贝 promised that she’d be a loving big sister, protect her little brother and share all her things with him.

Everyone tells us that,”they always promise you that. Because before the baby arrives, they don’t realise that they have to give up 50% of virtually everything, including the attention of the parents. You watch and see…” It’s like some kind of doomsday prophecy…. =.=”

So the baby arrived. She’s really excited about him. He’s the first person she looks for when she wakes up, comes home from school and the last person she kisses good night before she sleeps. I think I’m the one losing 80% of her attention and kisses. *grumble*. It did throw chaos into her (and our) very routined life. Thankfully, it’s now slowly being tweaked and restored.

It’s been almost 3 weeks and there’s still no sign of sibling jealousy yet. *still keeping fingers crossed*.

She’s been entrusted with important tasks like throwing away the soiled diapers, pacifying the baby while I take my toilet breaks, singing and telling stories to him. She’s been walking around the house proudly with her newly elevated status of Big Sister like a badge of honour. It’s been working so far.

I like to think that it will last all the way. We are very lucky to be blessed with such great kids.

Check out how 宝贝 tries her best to pacify her baby brother.

It started with the normal gentle “sayang” (patting) and the patronizing “ok ok”. When it failed, she tried the distraction method – “see! My legs are long!”, which obviously didn’t work very well too. Last resort- called daddy for help!!!

宝贝 Loves to Bead

宝贝 Loves to Bead

宝贝 has been wearing the bracelet, which she beaded herself at the Chiltern Charity Carnival.

Since she liked beading so much, it seemed to be a good idea to start her off on it. I combed the shelves of spotlight for beading material. Just for the threading material alone, there were thin wires, thick wires, leather, plastic thread etc. That’s not even taking into consideration the various kinds of beads, pendants, crystals and even pearls!! Then the cutters, wire twisters and all!! Oh my… Making my head swim. I’m not exactly a very handicraft person and all those material were too sophisticated and small for a toddler to handle. I left, empty handed.

Hmmm.. Maybe I should try qoo10 (gmarket) since it has almost everything. Lo and behold, I found an online store that sells all kinds of beads and even big ones, suitable for children. Similarly, the variety was mind boggling. I read the profile of the owner, and discovered that she has 2 very young children. So I emailed her for advice.

She was really prompt in replying and mentioned that her 3 year old had problems sitting still for beading sessions. But I thought I’d try it on 宝贝 anyway. She recommended the elastic cotton thread that’s easier to handle for little hands and allowed room for alterations. For the beads, her advice was to go for the ones with at least 2mm big holes. The great thing about her website was that the sizes of the beads and the holes were all clearly listed.

The name of her shop on qoo is Creating Footprints Together. Here’s the link to her website.

After placing an order on qoo, the package came really fast!!


She started by creating a necklace for one of her teachers. We wanted to buy gifts for N1 teachers to thank them for all the love and attention they have showered upon her in the whole year. She decided that she should make the gifts for them herself.

She picked out the letters of their names. This is good training for alphabet recognition. Then she decided upon the colours of the beads for one side of the necklace. For the other side I gave her 2 choices, whether to haphazardly thread them without any colour order or to thread them in a symmetrical fashion. She chose the latter. This trained her to recognize patterns and symmetry.

Then she sat there and threaded the beads painstakingly, one by one. It really took her a super long time.



She made the last one for herself because she needed a little reward at the end of the session. Since she was already able to spell her own name, she picked out the letters without any prompting.

All in all, she took 1.5 hours to complete 2 necklaces and 1 bracelet. Quite an astounding feat for a 3 year old to remain seated and in full concentration for that long. Their span of concentration usually lasts about 30 mins. She must really love beading. Hehe.

The completed works.




Her celebratory portrait!!


She’s put on the one she’s made for herself and held the 2 she’s made for her teachers.

The final gift product.


Beading trains : patience, concentration, fine motor skills, letter recognition, sorting, pattern recognition, symmetry.

Chiltern House Charity Carnival 2012

Chiltern House Charity Carnival 2012

It was a super super hot morning. I almost had a sunstroke that day. It’s the morning of the Chiltern House Charity Carnival 2012. It was a grand event, held at the East Coast Park, with marquees, game stalls, food stalls, bouncy castles and all.

The food was donated by parents and the teachers spent a lot of effort and time preparing for the games. All the proceeds went to set up an English programme for a rural Thai village. Volunteers (parents and teachers) signed up for the trip to help out with this programme.

We will probably sign up for the one in the following year when 弟弟 turns one. It will be a good chance to expose 宝贝 to volunteer work and I’m sure she can do her little bit to help out.

We were given some a goodie bag with some game tickets. We bought more. The money was for a good cause anyway.

After giving her teachers welcoming hugs, she made her way to the bouncy castle where some of her friends were. Check out my little jumping bean in white and blue, jumping her heart out!

After 10 mins of jumping in the sun, that meant I was baking for the same amount of time too!! I banned her from further activities in it!!! It was me lar. I couldn’t stand the sun. I dragged her to the game stalls where her favourite teacher was. Her rings missed everything. But she was given a little toy as a consolation. I figured that she’d do better at the handicraft stalls. 🙂


Her intense look of concentration, with her usual “tongue sticking” habit as she worked on her apple Chinese painting.



One apple done. Adding leaves to the apple. Starting on apple no 2.

Completing apple no 2.


Finishing touches. The little artist signing off with a flourish.


Next, it’s heading exercise! We chose to bead a bracelet. (It’d have taken forever to bead a necklace. I didn’t think I had the patience to wait it out in the sauna.)

Same intense look of concentration.




She was extremely proud of her bracelet. It was sheer hard work of patience. I also admired the patience of the queue behind her. =.=”

It was time to go. I could no longer stand the heat wave. Where’s the cool rain when you needed it?? We spent the rest of the tickets on games and bought lunch back.

I messaged the hub, next year he’d better take leave as it’s meant to be a family event. Or else she would start addressing him as uncle, instead of daddy, soon. I look forward to resting in the tree shade next year!!

Tofu Cheesy Fish Cake

Tofu Cheesy Fish Cake

Laundry done. Check.
Dishes done. Check.
Extra fish cakes stored. Check.

Yes! All done. Hub has brought 宝贝 to her grandma’s place. 1.5 hours of reprieve. Time for blogging!!

It’s the time of the week again. Once a week, it’s cooking time for me. This week, it’s Tofu cheesy fish cake, using the air fryer. Sounds really healthy right??

Ingredients (whatever is in the fridge, again…)
Organic tofu (what’s tofu fish cake without tofu?!)
Fish fillet (you can use salmon)
Shredded mozzarella and cheddar cheese
Mixed vegetables
Fresh button mushrooms
Salt, black pepper, spices (thyme, parsley etc) (I omitted these for 宝贝’s portion and added for mine)

Dice everything and dump them in a bowl and I aga aga all the quantity. It’s always aga aga and minimum washing for me!! Make sure everything is well mixed.


Add flour until the mixture is sticky and you are able to shape them into balls.


My not very shapely balls. 🙂 I used the air fryer baking tray. It’s so small that I could only fry 4 balls at one time. Temperature : 200 degrees Celsius. Time : 10 mins


They turned out to be really crispy and puffed up. 宝贝 loved her non salted version. Everything’s done without oil!!


Check out her happy smile!! It’s actually quite filling. She ate 4 cakes and I ate 6. Her praises have inspired me to start thinking of next week’s menu!! Hmm… What should I cook next week??

Tummy Talk at Bedtime

Tummy Talk at Bedtime

It’s that time of the day again. Trying to get her to sleep. She’s unusually chatty because she’s trying not to sleep although I could tell that she was really bushed.

宝贝:Mama you have *didi in your tummy.
Me : Yes. That’s right.
宝贝:You were in *popo’s tummy.
Me : Yes. You remembered!
宝贝:But I’ve nothing in my tummy!! (she looked quite upset and her mouth became a huge inverted U.)
Me : Erm.. Well.. You have food in your tummy!! Your dinner!! (I said brightly. To avoid it turning into a tantrum that would disrupt the sleep pattern.)
宝贝:I don’t want food!! I want somebody in my tummy! Like you!
Me : You are still young. Next time when you grow up and become a mommy, you will have someone in your tummy.
宝贝:I don’t want! I want somebody to be in my tummy NOW!
Me : O.o

It escalated into a wail with her chanting “I have nobody in my tummy. I want somebody in my tummy now.” So much for prevention. She eventually fell asleep in the midst of it. Phew.

I knew that I had to explain about the birds and bees one day. But never would I imagine that I have to do it when she’s 3?!


I told the hub about it when he came home.

Hub : aiya you should have explained to her about the reproductive system and she does have eggs in her. It’s just that they haven’t turned into babies.
Me : At bedtime when she’s about to sleep?! Such a *chim topic!! You must be kidding!! Since your bio is so good, why don’t you go through with her over breakfast tomorrow?!

Duh! Men!!

*didi = little brother
*popo = grandmother
Chim = profound

More of 宝贝’s bedtime stories.

Bedtime Massage

Bedtime Massage

The lights were out, everything was dark and quiet.

A little voice piped, “Mama! My foot is painful!” A little foot stuck out from the side of the bed.

“What’s wrong with your foot?”

“Pain.. I need a press press.”

“What’s a press press??”

“Like this!” She grabbed her left foot and pressed her sole with her little thumbs.

“Ah… You mean massage. Ok.”

I massaged her left foot very thoroughly. I could see her blissful smile in the moonlight. She sure was enjoying it. “Ok done! You can sleep now.”

“You didn’t scratch it.”

“Scratch?! You mean like this?!” I scratched her sole 2 times with my nails.

“Yes. Now my right foot. Pain!”

Hmmm… It sounded awfully suspicious to me. But I humoured her anyway, finishing it off with the little scratch.

“Why do I need to scratch it??”

“PoPo does it. PaPa also.”

“Hmpppff.. Ok” Weird I thought to myself.

“My hands.”

I did a quick one on both her palms.

“My face! Need forehead massage”

“Are you sure Papa and PoPo do this before bedtime?!?!”

She nodded.


Face massage.

“Mama. Now tummy!”

“Tummy?!” It’s never ending!! I rubbed her round tummy and ended it with a scratch.

“Nose, mama!”

“No one does nose massage!!! How do you do nose massage?!”

“Like this!” She squeezed her little button nose between her thumb and index finger.

“No I’m not going to do that! You are going to sleep now!!”

“Papa does it!!”

“Nonono! Sleep or you will miss your party tomorrow!!”

Later, in the evening I asked the hub incredulously,” Do you give her full body massage before bedtime, including her nose?!”

“Of course not. I only pat her on her tummy occasionally.”

DARN! Taken for a ride for a 3 year old!! Hmpf!! >.<

More of 宝贝’s bedtime stories.

宝贝 the Chinese Flasher

宝贝 the Chinese Flasher

We have plenty of flashcards – Chinese, English and even the maths dotted ones. We used to flash them at 宝贝 when she was just a few months old.

Now that she’s quite old we have stopped the flashing. (quite a while back actually, more due to the lack of time.) Instead, we try to devise games that make use of them. Why waste them since we have them anyway??

She recognizes quite an impressive number of words for her age, more Chinese characters than English words. All through the sheer diligence of my Mom who has been spending 1 hour of “classroom” time with her every day. I have been slacker in that aspect with her English vocabulary.

She likes playing these word games. This is one of the simpler ones. I jumbled up the Chinese characters and made her arrange them in ascending order.


宝贝 hard at work. Hehe


Progressing well…


Sitting back, admiring her own work, feeling very pleased with herself.

I made her arrange them in descending order. From 10 to 1. Then we did some simple maths sums. Like what’s 3+3? Sums that add up to 10. I asked in English and she picked the relevant Chinese characters up.

That’s how we spent a leisurely afternoon.

宝贝 – Floating Like A Starfish

宝贝 – Floating Like A Starfish


It has never occurred to me that floating on the water can be so difficult. I’ve been totally at ease in the water for as long as my memory goes.

You need to be absolutely confident in the water (knowing that you won’t drown), get over the insecurity of not having someone’s hand supporting any part of your body. And of course, totally relax your body so that you can adjust your weight distribution to achieve the feeling of weightlessness in the water.

I’ve seen adults flounder in the water. Maybe it’s much easier for children who are still fearless and free of burdens at the back of their minds.

Here’s my little one, overcoming her fears, floating with ease in the pool.

My little starfish…

宝贝’s Show and Tell

宝贝’s Show and Tell

宝贝 has to do a show-and-tell twice each week; once in English and once in Mandarin, according to the theme of the week. Last week was purple week. So she needed to bring a purple object for each session.

I’m the English show and tell Oic. Initially we rehearsed the short little session over the weekend. She just needed to make a speech of 1-3 sentences. Yes, not those 5 mins session kind. Can’t expect too much from toddlers younger than 3!! As time goes by, I just look for something adhering to the theme and give it to her. Lazy…

The first purple object that I set my eyes on was her swimming goggles. “Would you like to bring your goggles to school for show and tell??” She agreed. Nowadays we have to get her approval so that she would willingly do it. Sigh. Kids nowadays…

Me : Can you demonstrate how you did your show and tell in school yesterday?
宝贝:ok. (she slipped the goggles over her head and over her eyes).
Me : hang on. You wore your goggles?!
宝贝:Ya. (I must start saying yes instead of ya. She’s picking it up from me. =.=”) Good morning friends! My name is Yihui. I have purple goggles. This is how I swim. (she “swam” around the room in breast stroke.) Thank you everyone!

Hmmm… Ok. Considering that I didn’t rehearse with her. Not too bad. I didn’t expect her to put on the goggles. She looked quite hilariously in them with her school uniform. Hahaha.

My mom is the Chinese oic. She’s much more hardworking than I am. She would rehearse with 宝贝 every single time. She brought a toy brinjal for it.


婆婆 (grandma):今天的看看说说怎么样?(how’s today’s show and tell?)
宝贝:婆婆,很好。(very good)
婆婆:你怎么说?(what did you say?)
宝贝:大家好!我的名字是梁懿慧。这是紫色的。很好吃。它可以开又关,开又关。谢谢大家!(hi everybody! My name is Liang Yi Hui. This is purple and yummy. It can open and close, open and close.)
婆婆:为什么你没有介绍茄子?为什么开又关?(why didn’t you introduce it as the brinjal? And what’s with the open and close?)
宝贝:哦!我忘了它的名字。开又关是这样咯!(oh I forgot its name. Open and close refers to this)(she demonstrated by pulling the brinjal apart at the Velcro joint and putting it back together again)
宝贝:老师说我很棒!(Teacher said I did well!!)(grinning from ear to ear)

Last minute improvisation to cover up her brinjal boo boo.

Maybe all that presentations, seminars that I did while I was pregnant really contributed to her pre natal education. She was hearing my voice like 75% of the whole day!! Yadda yadda!! I talked so much that I even got tired of talking… =.=”

So if you want a talkative child, talk a lot when you are pregnant!!!