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Curry Chicken and Baguette

Curry Chicken and Baguette

Yesterday I didn’t know about the existence of Valley Point at 491 River Valley Road, but now I’m sitting here, enjoying my lunch, blogging in peace and basking in solitude.

I had a meeting here 2 hours ago at Starbucks. Nowhere to go, as it’s raining lions and wolves outside, I slipped into a little cafe (after checking the prices of the food on the menu. I’m a cheapo yah!) as I wasn’t too keen to eat sandwiches at Starbucks. It’s named Cafe in Action at #01-06. The rest of the patrons looked like they were enjoying their food -a good sign to me.

I ordered a curry chicken with baguette. The baguette was warm and crispy. The curry was spicy but not overly so (great for me as I am, somewhat allergic to spicy food and get a stomach upset after it. I pay dearly for it after every single indulgence.) but for spice lovers you probably wouldn’t like it. It had just the right texture, not too thick nor too thin like some curries that I’ve tried.

Best of all, the cafe was quiet and cozy, great for reading, blogging and simply get away from the hustle and bustle. Run by very friendly aunties, I doubt that I’ll come again though. It cost me a hefty $17.80 cab fare to get here and it’s not in the vicinity of my usual haunts.

But if you are here, give it a try! I’m sure the other stuff on the menu must taste just as yummy.