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We are Pokémons! 

We are Pokémons! 

小小宝贝:Jie Jie! What Pokémon are you??

宝贝:I’m Pichu! Because I’m cuter than Pikachu! (Hmmm… okie….😅 she has great faith in herself… I suppose that’s not a bad thing. 🤔)

Didi, you are a Dragonite! Because you are a dragon! 

小小宝贝:No!! I’m a baby dragon so I’m just a Dratini! 

宝贝 : Mama is a Ninetales because she’s pretty! (I’m not a fan of Ninetales but I like the flattery part.) Then what about Papa???

小小宝贝 :(with a matter of fact look) Snorlax lah! Because Papa snores!!! (😂😂😂)

Discerning children I have! Children say the darnest things! It’s a good thing that the hub doesn’t read the blog!

I Want to Drink Salad Sauce!

I Want to Drink Salad Sauce!

It all started because of this. 

  Me : Let’s chat! How’s your day?
宝贝 : Mommy, I’d like to finish reading my book first. (In a sternly reprimanding tone)

Gosh… For a while, I felt like I was the wayward daughter. 😓

Sigh…! With the no gadget rule, I had nothing to occupy myself with. I had to resort to eavesdropping on the conversation at the next table. Well, not exactly eavesdropping because they were rather loud and expressive. 

Son (probably in secondary school) : What’s this in the jug?

Mother : That is the salad sauce to go with your salad. 

Son : Can I drink it?

Mother : Don’t be STUPID!! That’s for your salad. 

By the way, the poor woman is surrounded by stupid people and things, namely her stupid phone, her stupid husband, her stupid son etc. And she announced to the whole restaurant about them. My heart goes out to her. I can’t imagine myself surrounded by so much stupidity…
Son : Ok!!

I imagined if I were her, I would probably tell him, “Yes! Drink it! Make sure you finish the entire jug!”

Oh well, that’s just me. 

Ok, you are right… I was indeed, very bored…. 😂😂😂

小小宝贝’s bedtime story

小小宝贝’s bedtime story

This feels like a déjà vu. When 宝贝 was around her brother’s age, we used to have bedtime talks. But nothing as violent as sumo wrestling, just pure talking.

Now it’s 小小宝贝’s turn. My children are all born chatter boxes. They started talking before they could walk.

We just started putting both of them to bed in the same room. Whilst 宝贝 is a wonderful sleeper (thank goodness!) who doesn’t wake up unless there’s an earthquake, 小小宝贝 doesn’t go to bed on time, gets up early and hates to sleep unless he’s forced to bed.

宝贝 has already fallen asleep. I was pretending to be asleep. 小小宝贝 was lying on his bed with his sister’s rabbit soft toy (named zhashi) which he has abducted and proclaimed that it’s his henceforth.

Deciding that he’s bored and not the least bit sleepy, he suddenly sat up with the rabbit in his arm.

“Zhashi is climbing up. Window is dirty. Zhashi clean window.”

I peeped at him discreetly.

The rascal was standing on his toes with his bunny at the window grills. He’s staging a “play” which revolved around a rabbit cleaner. 😥

“Zhashi climbed high high. Aiyo! Zhashi fell down. Zhashi is pain pain.”

Then I heard sounds of mock crying. Waa..! Still have sound effects! At this point, I almost laughed out loud. It was so difficult to pretend to be sleep, keep a straight face and not laugh at his antics. He was rubbing his eyes, pretending to cry…

“Zhashi is tired. Zhashi sleep.” He gently put the bunny down on his pillow and covered the bunny with his own blanket. And laid down beside it.

Oh great! Finally he’s finally going to sleep!! 🎉🎉🎉

Within 5 mins he sat up again. Argh!!!! *pull out hair* 😑😖😖😖

宝贝’s arm was dangling down from the side of her bed. He’s sleeping in a pull out between the wall and her bed. So her arm was practically beside his face. Too tempting!

He put his own hand in her hand and shook her hand. And laughed to himself. Then he started playing with his sister’s fingers. “1,2,3,4,5….” Then giggled to himself for reasons unknown to me. Then he started getting bolder and started tugging at her and pulling her hand.

Sigh! Why me!!

I sat up. And he stared at me in horror and screamed, ” no no! Mama sleep!!!”

“No! YOU sleep!”

With that I brought him down in a sumo hug, legs scissors crossed over him while he struggled. After 5 mins of screaming and struggling (amazingly, 宝贝 slept through the ruckus!), then all was quiet.

Mama 1 小小宝贝 0

Chit Chatting with 小小宝贝

Chit Chatting with 小小宝贝

In the car, on the way home. The sun was shining in our faces.

小小宝贝 : Mama! Hot hot!
Me : oh! The sun is on your face. Where are your hat and sunglasses??
小小宝贝 : (in a piteous voice) Forgot…

Wow! Although it’s not in full sentences, we are able to hold a decent conversation. 19 months old and already a chatty toddler.

Soon he’s going to wear my ears out with his incessant chatter. I can’t wait for that day to come!!

宝贝 – Being Reprimanded!

宝贝 – Being Reprimanded!

Me : (one hand lifting 小小宝贝’s poo-encrusted bum off the soiled diaper, the other hand trying to pull a stubborn wipe from its container) 宝贝 can you come and help me with this??

宝贝 : (very obligingly) ok. I’m coming. (As she was holding on to the container so that I could pull the wipes out) Mama do you know why it’s so difficult to pull the wipes out??

Me : no, why? (Expecting some scientific revelation)

宝贝 : (in a parental reprimanding tone) it’s because you lost your temper this morning and you threw it across the room. That’s why it’s like that. You must stop throwing things.

Me : (feeling very guilty and much chastised) orh. I mustn’t do that again.

宝贝 : It’s ok Mama. Just don’t do it again.

Ha! Caught you! Ya.. It’s a tale of the mother being reprimanded by the daughter. I need to keep a rein on my temper. Aside from that, 宝贝 has the makings of a top grade mom.

Mama I have a BAD Headache!

Mama I have a BAD Headache!

宝贝 had a slight temperature in the afternoon so I dosed her with paracetamol before her nap.

Tossing and turning on her bed…
宝贝 : Mama, I’ve a very BAD headache!
Me : Really?! (Took her temperature with the thermometer) no. It’s only 37.0°C. No fever.
宝贝 : (giving me a very agonized look) but… I have a headache! I need the pink medicine.
Me : (looked at her suspiciously) you can’t drink that unless you have a fever.
宝贝 : It’s my favourite medicine!!! (She wailed)
Me : It’s not fruit juice ok!!! Ok ok, I’ll take your temperature later. If it goes up, I’ll wake you up to drink the medicine.
宝贝 : What time are you taking my temperature? (Looked at me hopefully)
Me : 12:00
宝贝 : so late?! 11:00 ok ok???
Me : =.=”

Did she think that I’m a 3 year old?! Her intention was so obvious!

Don’t understand why she’s so gian Peng to drink the fever medicine…. 😪

Patience, My Dear, Patience!

Patience, My Dear, Patience!

Me : Hurry up! Why are you taking so long to buckle your seat belt?!

宝贝 : (fumbling with her seat belt) Mama! Can you be more patient?? (In her most adult tone) (gives a loud sigh and shook her head reproachfully at me).

Huh?! Me?! Macham like I’m the impatient kid. Pfft!

Miss Potato Head?!

Miss Potato Head?!

Struggling to put her swimming cap over her head. It slipped off for the 3rd consecutive time.
Me : (exasperated) why is your head so big today??
宝贝: I ate a lot of vegetables during lunch today. That’s why my head is so big.
Me : what does eating vegetables have to do with your head?!
宝贝 : all the vegetables went to my head. So it became bigger. I should eat less vegetables.

Is she trying to pull a fast one on me?!

Bimbo Stories

Bimbo Stories

A few months back… In sedentary September, 宝贝 had her 4th birthday.

Her classmate gave her a Barbie doll.

宝贝: Mama! Peter Paul gave me a Barbie!! I want to play with it now. (Now happened to be bedtime.)
Me : Nope, you play with it tomorrow. You must sleep now.
宝贝: But I love Barbie dolls!
Me : Why would you? You never had one. Besides, only BIMBOs play with Barbies. See!! Both start with B.
宝贝: What’s a BIMbo??
Me : A Bimbo is a silly Sally. Silly Sallys are giddy gaddies and they fall down all the time.
宝贝 : Ooh! I just fell down today! (Shows me a bruise on her knee) So I’m a silly Sally. And I’m a bimbo. Can I play with the Barbie doll now??


Today, we revisited the subject on Bimbos again.

宝贝: Mama, green is no longer my favourite colour.
Me : Oh really? So what’s your favourite colour now?
宝贝 : PINK!!
Me : Pink?! Yucks! Only bimbos like pink!!
宝贝 : But Sarah likes pink too! (Trying to convince me with herd mentality.)
Me : So?!
宝贝 : Mama, then why are you wearing pink?! You are a bimbo!!
Me : (looks down at my shirt. Darn! I’m wearing a dark pink Adidas polo shirt. I made a mental note to check my clothes before venturing into the bimbo topic in future.) Now look! This is a present from Uncle Ernest. It’ll be very rude to reject a present. So since I didn’t buy it, I’m not a Bimbo!!
宝贝 : (chanting) Bimbo Bimbo Bimbo!!

Damn!!! Pawned by a 4 year old. 😅

怪叔叔 (weird uncle)

怪叔叔 (weird uncle)

Yesterday evening…

宝贝:Daddy can you come home earlier tomorrow night?

Hub: Ok. I’ll try.

宝贝 :(she thought for a while) can you come home at 11 o’clock? (She usually sleeps at 8).

Hub : Erm. Ok. (Turned to me and whispered) I thought she said early. She used to tell me to come home at 6. Why did she say 11 o’clock this time?

Me : Well she is not an idiot. It shows how low her expectations of you has dropped to. And you never get home by 6 anyway. All the disappointments she suffered every day. (I gave a dramatic sigh.)

I swore he looked a trifle guilty.

Me : (giving him a final punch) the next thing you know, she’ll point to you in surprise and say, “Who is this 怪叔叔 (weird uncle)??”

Hub : ok ok! I’ll come home earlier.

Today… She’s already asleep. Still not home yet!! Fine! The scare tactic didn’t work at all. *mutter* I must start getting her to call him 怪叔叔 tomorrow.