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Day: January 5, 2015

Chicken Soup for 小小宝贝

Chicken Soup for 小小宝贝

小小宝贝 :婆婆,我要喝鸡汤。
婆婆 :好。喝汤。
小小宝贝 :(in an indignant voice) 不是汤!是鸡汤!
婆婆 : 好好!鸡汤!(passed him the bowl of chicken soup, supported the bowl while he drank straight from it)

Soon, we heard strange gurgling sounds from 小小宝贝.

小小宝贝 :(looked up from his bowl) 我在漱口。
婆婆 :鸡汤不喝!拿来漱口!(took the bowl away)

Sigh…. He must be the only toddler in the world who rinses his mouth with chicken soup…

又好气、又好笑! 😓😓😓