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Day: December 19, 2014

Ming Ming's Diary – Sensory Play, No Fun!

Ming Ming's Diary – Sensory Play, No Fun!


My papa is doing sensory play with me. The adults have a bee in the bonnet about this!! They make me take off my beautiful socks and walk on sand, grass, carpet (I kind of like the carpet one), bamboo sticks!!! Straw mats etc.

Mama says, “look! He’s tip toeing! He doesn’t like it!”

Of course!! C’mon! If it’s so fun, why isn’t my papa taking off his shoes and doing this sensory thingy with me!!! Look at his feet in the picture!!! He’s wearing shoes while I’m getting my handsome feet dirty!!!


And I have to crawl all over the dead brown grass (as if they were not tortured enough by the scorching heat) for this sensory thing.

Why aren’t the adults crawling on the grass??? Huh? Huh?? Huh?!


Ah see!! Another piece of evidence!! My papa wears shoes on grass while I have to crawl all over!!! Where’s justice??? Where where where????


My Jie Jie gets to play on the swing and I only get to muck around on sand and dead grass…..


Darn! She said she’s done her dues. How long more must I do this drudgery????? *grumble*


Oh wait!!! What’s this?! Good heavens!!! I’ve a BALD patch on my head???? 😭

And I’m only 1 year old!!!

How can I grow hair back??? Can anyone tell me???