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Day: December 4, 2014

Ming Ming’s Diary – The Sick (me) and the Elderly (Jiu Jiu)

Ming Ming’s Diary – The Sick (me) and the Elderly (Jiu Jiu)

Good day everyone! Did anyone miss me because I didn’t post yesterday?? Awww..! I miss all of you too. I sneezed a lot, had a running nose (I don’t know why it’s running away. But it must have changed its mind because it’s still on my face.), and tearing eyes.

I conked out yesterday. My nose is still running away, I’ve tied it down with a tissue paper. So I won’t lose it!

I called my Jiu Jiu (uncle) this morning to tell him that I’ll be visiting him. He’s been sick sick with a big cut on his neck. I think water leaks from it when he drinks. You know, sometimes when I drink water, and I don’t close my mouth properly, water dribbles out and wets my shirt. Poor Jiu Jiu.


Mama lent me her phone to take Jiu Jiu’s photos. The doctor sewed him up like a piece of cloth. Check it out!! There’s still thread sticking out.


That’s me, taking my afternoon nap. Mama says, I need to sleep so that my nose will stop running away.

I don’t understand why Mama always bundles me up in the blanket like I’m a piece of salted fish. C’mon! Do I look like salted fish to you?! šŸ˜“


So when everyone’s asleep, I’ll move my fat legs out of the blanket. See! So fair! I need more sun!!

Nooo!! Why did you call me white chicken!!!! I ain’t no chicken!!! šŸ˜”šŸ˜”šŸ˜” I’m a dragon!!’ RAWR!!!