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Day: September 14, 2014

Ming Ming’s Diary – Picking Up Babes Tip #1

Ming Ming’s Diary – Picking Up Babes Tip #1

I read in the magazines that girls like boys with skills. I’ve figured that it will be super cool to know how to fly!!

My flight training started this morning! I hope that I can pick it up before school this morning. ☺️


I decided that flying can’t be picked up so quickly. Some girls like the arty farty kind. I look especially suave in my green apron.

Hey babe! This is how you use the brush!!

You dab it in here. Do you need any help?? I can hold your hand over the brush. ☺️

Eating etiquette is also very important. So that I can impress my date at the French fine dining restaurant. Au Jardin, s’il vous plaît?

I must improve on my selfie skill. 😅

Especially when I need to put these darn small rice crisps into my mouth at the same time. But, I shall endeavor!!

Eee!! So ugly! Rice crisps all over my mouth!! Delete delete!! Babes will not date me after this!! 😭

My first date : so romantic. Both of us under the stars, with a choir singing behind us.

If you need any advice on picking up girls, I can give you a tip or two.

Oh man! I’m Mr Popular. All the babes love me. I’m catching her a bubble. What? Flowers? Nah! That’s so passé! Bubbles are the in the thing now. See how happy she looks??

Luckily I didn’t come to class wearing only my bib. Too sexy for these babes to handle.

Ming ming you are the MAN!! 😎