SQ Business Class!

SQ Business Class!

This is the 2nd time in my life that I’m taking business class and my first time on sq biz. So this merits a post!

My virgin business class experience on Air France was more than a decade ago. Well, the seat was wider (slightly) than the economy’s and my meal was served in order (not the everything at one time tray) and I had my first taste of foie gras!

But, the SQ business class is WOW! 3 of me can sit on the one seat. There’s a legrest.


Legs too short… Have legrest also no use. 😅 the seat can recline totally when the plane is in the air. My short legs can then rest fully on the legrest.

Welcome drink!


Champagne! Cheers! Actually mine is a prop. I’m nursing a cold so I’m just posing with my colleague’s drink. 😁

This is what the seat looks like when it’s fully transformed into a flat bed.


The head area.


The feet area, where my short legs hardly reach. Compared to the squashed up seat in the economy class, this is heaven. Even for a petite person like me, I find the economy seat really cramped. And believe me, I’ve tried 101 sleeping positions and none works. I pity the passengers who are much bigger sized than I am.

The generous number of USB ports and socket for the charging of all my gadgets and pump. These are the little things that don’t look important but I totally appreciate their presence.

The next perk – service. The sq crew has impeccable service. They remember each and every one of our names and respond immediately to the call button.

And of course, sq is famous for the food.


The first booklet I pick up once I strap myself in. I’m such a glutton.



Now for the real thing…. Ta da!




Part of my breakfast.


I don’t understand why anyone would order cup noodles on sq flights when they have yummy beef noodles. But ya, I’ve been eating non stop since I stepped into the plane, despite my flu and blocked nose. I’m probably going to put on 5kg by the time I step off the plane. 😱

The seat offers so much privacy that I could do my milk pumping in peace. I can’t imagine doing it in economy class, seating beside a stranger. Eeewww! And that’s while I was feasting my eyes on yummy Leonardo Di Caprio on the huge led, totally clear screen.


Time to catch up on my sleep so that I can kill the flu bug! Night night!

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  1. Sigh… Good life. Commoners like me never even smell business class lounge, let alone enjoy biz class on SQ. Sigh.., some ppl have all the luck. Oops gotta go. Overcrowded bus coming.

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