Boliao Things We Say

Boliao Things We Say

In the study room.

Me : ok! I’m done! (Switched off my Mac and leaving the room)

As I was closing the sliding door from outside the room…

Hub : waaa! I just saw a huge mosquito! It must be your pet mosquito that sits on your shoulder.

(He has this warped theory that a mosquito sits on my shoulder and feeds on me all the time. I’m usually the first one to get bitten by mos and hv the most bites. He’s convinced that it’s actually the same one and calls it my pet mosquito. Lame arh?! But that’s part of his charm wahahaha)

Hub : hey! What are you doing to the door??

Me : oh making sure that there’s no gap for it to escape.

Hub : you are locking me in the room with the monster mosquito?!?!?

Me : ya! Make sure you kill it before you leave the room!

Meanwhile, I go back to my room to see who emerges as the victor from the bloodbath.

Ok… End of bo Liao story….

0 thoughts on “Boliao Things We Say

  1. You’re right. It’s really boliao. If this isn’t the most boliao thing ever, it’s probably pretty close.

    1. The title already says so. If it’s not boliao enough, wouldn’t you be disappointed with it?!

      And once you try, you must strive to be the best. The most boliao it must be!!

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