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Day: April 14, 2014

小小宝贝’s Milestone – First Haircut

小小宝贝’s Milestone – First Haircut

I intended to hold off his first hair cut as long as possible (cheapskate – to save money lar… I don’t see why I should pay someone to snip off his fringe??!!) and trim his fringe (so that he can see without having a curtain of wispy hair obscuring his sight) myself.


It seemed that it was no longer possible when…


for the last few mornings, when he sent 宝贝 Jie Jie off to school, the schoolbus auntie started greeting him, “Morning Mei Mei!” and “Bye Bye Mei Mei!” That bad meh?! Did he look like a girl??!! Granted that on some days, he was dressed in 宝贝’s hand-me-down pyjamas which were, erm, a little on the red side.  (OK OK.. fine! Sometimes a tinge of pink…)


His Daddy thought that he might turn into a sissy and really treat himself as a girl after continuous brainwashing… So I brought him to the same hairdresser who cuts 宝贝’s hair as she needed a haircut too.


But when I walked in with him, the 2 hairdressers exclaimed, “Aiyo! Mei Mei is here to cut hair too??” WTH?! Mei Mei?? This time he wasn’t dressed in pink, in fact, I dressed him in the most manly attire I could find in his wardrobe – Blue romper and jeans. Which Mei Mei wears blue and blue?!


“Erm.. He’s a Di Di.”

“Ohhh… Di Di! He’s got yu xiu features (delicate features) like a Mei Mei! See! Big round eyes, long eyelashes and fair skin!”

Hmm… so it’s not his clothes…


baby haircut

There he is… All wrapped up and sitting quietly in the chair, in anticipation for the next… adventure?! Just a sidenote : Does he look like a girl?!?!?


And so.. it began.. Like the sheep shearing I saw in Australia and New Zealand.. Lambs up on the block! :p

He felt a strange sensation and heard the weird humming sound of the shaver and so what did he do?!


He turned around to look for the source of the strange sound.

And he turned and he turned and he turned… It was quite amusing to watch him turn left right left right, trying to find the shaver only to always not find it.  Hahaha. Mean mom here.


Much easier to look at himself in the mirror.. Ah… starting to look like a boy now!


Final dusting…

baby haircut6

Final Product : I’m a BOY!!! (He’s in BLUE ok!!)

baby haircut 7

He behaved beautifully during the cut.  Of course, the hairdresser Jie Jie cut at lightning speed.  The only thing he did was just to turn his head left and right during the cut to find the shaver.  I would have cut his ear or something, and that’s precisely why I’m not a hairdresser… 😛


Back to being a boy again!!