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Day: March 5, 2014

The Digital Age is HERE!

The Digital Age is HERE!

When we were choosing locks for our doors, before the renovation, I was fiddling with the digital locks at the shop.

“It’d be so cool to have one of these!!! Look! Fingerprint!!” I said wistfully as I played with the locks.
“$1000 each lock leh! Already busting the Reno budget!”
Sigh… So that was the end of the story.

I hate, hate, hate the basement lock. That’s where we enter the house if we drive. And usually it means that we will have our hands full with bags, groceries, carrying children AND we still have to fumble for the keys.

Ok maybe it’s just ME! My hub has never had any problem with locating his keys. I just keep misplacing them. Heck! I even misplace my car! Ok ok that’s yet another story. Let’s not start there.

It was so bad that I ordered everyone not to lock that particular door if I wasn’t home yet. Everyone left the door unlocked, EXCEPT my hub. I swear he’s doing it on purpose so that I’d learn the importance of keeping my keys at the same place in my huge bag. But it’s sheer torture!!! I contemplated hiding his keys one day so that he’d know the feeling of not being able to get in!!! Must make sure that he’s holding like 10 bags at that time!!! Muahahah! My secret torture fantasy.

One fine day, I saw Fred’s Facebook post “Yale digital lock on promotion!!” Yes!!! Probably the universe has received the numerous signals I’ve been fervently sending out.

Mai tu Liao!! I called him to order the lock!!!



Here it is!!!! I fingerprinted the whole family and dumped my keys…somewhere. Except my hub’s prints. Well he was at work when the lock was installed. He had to scream for help. Really made my day!!! *evil cackle*

Now, if only there’s a way to get rid of my car key too… Hmm…. Any car that locks by fingerprint???

Then I can go keyless!!! Bliss….

For now, this is good enough!!!