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Day: January 27, 2014

What Happens when I’m Not Around

What Happens when I’m Not Around

Yes, this is a sequel to “Pretend that I’m not Around“.

He’s been sneaking off to do his weekly foot reflexology – that’s why he’s been coming home late from work. So he thinks I should indulge in it weekly too, and not once in a blue moon.

So, today he’s been prodding me to go as I have been up to my neck with everything and is developing a sore throat. Oh well, since he offered to mind the children while they sleep.

小小宝贝 has been having a runny nose and tearing eyes since yesterday. He must have caught the flu virus from somewhere. So he’s promised to take extra care of him.

Ok fine. With all that assurance, I hauled my old tired bones to the nearest foot reflexology joint. I practically “flew” back once it was done. It did help a lot but I just had this nagging thought that I needed to be home ASAP!!

Sure enough! As soon as I opened the front door, I could hear him bawling. I ran to my bedroom and there he was, sitting on my bed, bawling his heart out, crying “mama mama” eyes and nose red and wet. The dad? Lying on the bed, feebly patting him. Duh?! What the heck?!

“Why didn’t you carry him??!! What’s the use of patting him???”
“I did! He wouldn’t stop crying. He’s been crying for one hour.”
Omg! That meant that he started crying shortly after I left the house. I eyeballed his dad suspiciously. “Are you sure you carried him??”
“I did!” He protested.
I suspected that he merely patted him, trying to bore him back to sleep.

Once I carried him over, he stopped crying but because he’s been crying for so long, he was still sniffing and hiccuping. “Hallo! This is what I define as carrying!!! Ok!!” He soon fell asleep.

Sigh! Men!!! I will be going overseas in May for a week. I hope that this is not going to be a prequel to “what happens when I’m not in Singapore.” Sheesh!!