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Day: December 9, 2013

Dayre (Dairy?!)

Dayre (Dairy?!)

There’s blogging and then there’s microblogging. Dayre (they claim that it’s pronounced as Diary, but it looks more like Dairy to me…) is the new kid on the blog (oops, block). 

I signed up some time back, but it’s only in the last few days that I have actually got around to play a little with it.  I’m busy enough with wordpress blog, facebook, twitter, pininterest, I don’t have any business signing up with, yet another social media.  But being “itchy fingers” as I am, and the lure of being able to sign up my name before someone takes it, here I am.  With my Dayre page at

Dayre Menu

That’s the menu of Dayre.  You are given the 5 options – word only post, photo, video, cute stickers, location. If a full blog post is daunting to you, then bite sized microblogging is surely easier.  You just post short snippets of your day and Dayre chains them up into a long continuous post for you.  Great for short attention spanned people.. 🙂


This is what my newsfeed looks like.


Ta-da! The awesomely cute stickers!!

The only problem is, unlike facebook, I can’t find any of my friends… Unless they publish on Facebook that they have Dayre.  They should have a user friendly friend search feature to make it easier to expand the network.  So far, I have one friend following me.  It feels a little like I’m talking to myself and yet, because of the low visibility, it means that it’s a better ranting place than Facebook.

I’ve just discovered another drawback. You can post YouTube videos or links in Dayre. Hope they fix it soon.