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Day: December 7, 2013

Freestyle Drawing

Freestyle Drawing


Her doodling on a serviette while we were waiting for our meal to be served.

I love all her freestyle drawings. Untutored, simple, a true reflection of her state of mind. Comparing these to the ones she drew in art class, they look raw but more real. The “art class” pieces were also produced by her but under the guidance of the art teacher who instructed her to draw shapes until they formed pretty pictures. In a way, they were not reflections of her mind, although they were drawn by her.

All the animals and stick people in her freestyle doodles are always smiling. 2 beady eyes and an upward curve for a mouth. She’s a happy child (most of the time). A reflection of her sunny disposition in the doodles.

The 2 animals look like they have the same basic templates, with additionally features. If you haven’t guessed it, the one on top is a camel. The one at the bottom is a giraffe and the stick person is a farmer(?! Don’t ask me why he’s a farmer and not a zoo keeper. That’s what the artist told me. =.=”)

I wonder how her drawings will develop as she grows older. The unknown is exciting, as every child’s potential lies untapped.