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Day: November 14, 2013

Just Pretend I’m NOT here!

Just Pretend I’m NOT here!

630am Either the mechanical alarm clock starts its incessant ringing or the human alarm clock bounces into the room and announces in her bright and chirpy voice, “Wake up! It’s time to WAKE UP!!!”

Today it’s the former.

The Hub : Eh! Wake up leh! Have to get her ready for school.

Me : *nudged the baby towards his daddy* (he happily crawled over) I’m very tired. Your son kept disturbing me last night. I want to sleeeeep….

The Hub : How am I going to manage with 2 kids?? Must get her ready for school and feed both of them!!!

Me : How do you think I handled both of them in the morning when you were on your business trip to India?! Just do what I did! If I can do it, so can you!!!!

The Hub : ah…

Me : go go! Just imagine I’m not here. Ok ok! Now I’m on a business trip to India. You don’t see me at all!! (Covered my head with the blanket)

He carried the cooing baby to the next room.


For 5 miserable minutes…..

A loud wail was heard from 宝贝’s room. No… I’m not going over. I’m in India, remember??

It grew louder…..

Wa Lau! What the heck is going on?! World War 3?!? Liddat how to sleep?!??

I rolled over and got out of bed.

Simi dai ji?!?! Ok ok! I am back from India Liao!!!! What’s wrong?!?!

What’s the world going to be like without Mothers around?! *grumble*