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Month: October 2013

Sukiyaki Egg Cups

Sukiyaki Egg Cups

This is an extremely easy dish to cook. You can google bacon egg cups and everyone on pininterest is pinning it.

I tweaked it a little and substituted the bacon for sukiyaki pork strips. I’ve cut down a lot on processed meats such as bacon, sausages which are high in sodium and preservatives. I’m sure it’d taste a lot yummier with bacon but I didn’t like the idea of hastening myself and the family to the grave.


You just need the following :
A muffin tray
Sukiyaki pork strips (or bacon strips)
Cheese (optional)
Salt and pepper and herbs (to taste)

Line the muffin tray cavities with the pork strips. Crack an egg into each cavity. Add salt, pepper or herbs to taste.

Pop the tray into the oven. 15 mins at 200°C. Or when the egg sets. Sprinkle cheese bits over the eggs.

宝贝 gave it a thumbs up and declared that the “jellied” eggs tasted fantastic!!

Blogging Hiatus

Blogging Hiatus

It’s been a month since my last entry. I was “gang banged“(Teacher says no using of this word, in case there are under 18 readers) work-assaulted (There! More decent words) from left, right, top, bottom and have just repaid my sleep bank debt. I’m hoping to accumulate some surplus on the sleep bank, in vain.

It all started before the Australia holiday. There were tonnes to do just before taking off for 2 weeks. And of course, during the 2 weeks of holiday, everything was left undone. That took another few weeks AFTER the holiday to set right.

I was just jokingly telling people that everyone has a holiday radar. Somehow they know that I’m on holiday and suddenly everyone wants a piece of me at the same time!! Argh!

I’ve lots of things to blog about. But everything’s in draft form here and there. Hey! I know I’m not the nearest person on earth. That’s my new year resolution for the last 3 decades. To finish all my unfinished projects. Can you imagine the backlog?? *shudder*

And now my beloved iPhone has gone bonkers. The screen’s not responding to my feathery touch, no matter how hard I rub or tap on it. And I guess I must have been over zealous in pressing my power button, it’s gone dead from fatigue.

I’m a heavy phone blogger. Now I’m blogging on my old iPhone. So no photos for the time being. Until I finally find time to sync and backup everything and get my butt down to m1 to get my phone replaced.

Is it a signal to switch to the new iPhone 5s??? *ponder*