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Day: June 19, 2013

Starting on Solids

Starting on Solids

小小宝贝 is now 5.5 months old. I was trying to hold off the introduction of solid food to him til 6.5 months old. (宝贝 started on solid food at 6.5 months.). However, after the visit to the pediatrician this morning, it seems that it’s not possible anymore.

The pd thought that he looked a little pale and checked the underside of his eye sockets, suspected that he may need more iron. So he was prescribed iron supplements and I was instructed to start him off on his solids as soon as possible.

As I sniffed his sweet smelling hair (after his bath of course!), for the last time, I would be missing that. Even his poo (which smells sweetish because he’s fully breastfed) will start to stink.

Sigh! He’s going to stop smelling like a sweet baby. He’s growing up ever so quickly. He doesn’t even fit into the curve of my body when I cuddle him now. To think he was so little when he was born.

I miss my little baby. You are growing up way too quickly!