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Day: May 12, 2013

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day



My 2nd Mother’s Day present from 宝贝. She made a purse for me last year. I’ll have to get around to document it.

She loves to draw stick figures which have thin long legs, round black eyes, L shaped nose and a crooked smile. This is one of them. All her drawings are very colourful, perhaps it’s a reflection of her sunny disposition.

Anyway, that’s me she’s drawn. I must be a really colourful character in her heart. >.<

Sunday Morning Snapshot – Trio

Sunday Morning Snapshot – Trio


I love this photo. It took a while to arrange everyone to fit into the frame nicely. It’s a self taken shot, so the size is limited by the length of my arm. :p

宝贝’s knowing sideways smile. 小小宝贝’s clueless look. To me, it’s a gem of a photo.

That one moment, captured in eternity.