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Day: April 13, 2013

Fried Crabsticks – Air Fryer

Fried Crabsticks – Air Fryer

Made myself some fried crabsticks snack before they expire… Not the healthiest thing on earth but at least I air fried it without oil. So it’s a jiffy healthier. (I like to console myself with that.)

The air fryer is really the most idiot proof appliance around. You won’t burn the house down, you probably just end up with charred food. And with no oil involved!

Well, it’s a breeze to make this. I didn’t use up the whole packet of crabsticks because 小小宝贝 was wailing halfway through my food making. The only chore is to peel the plastic off the crabsticks and to “unravel” them.

I used 160°C and fried them for 15 mins. I turned up the heat to 180°C for the last 5 mins. Every 5 mins you have to stir them and separate them from sticking to the tray and to one another. I didn’t manage to do that as I was changing diapers, so the top few were a little chow dar. And some underneath were still whitish and not very crispy.

But overall, still yummy!!