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Day: March 10, 2013



It’s been a mad rush since 7am this morning. The hub is of no help. He’s knocked out from flu. I’m utterly convinced that “weaker sex” is not referring to women. At the peak of health, he could only handle one child. When he’s sick, he’s flat out. When women are sick, they can still nurse babies, work, handle a difficult toddler. No wonder, women were chosen to bear babies and not men.

It’s even so in the animal world. The lioness is the one that bears the young, hunts for food for the whole family while the male just preens his mane to get himself camera ready for the wild life photographers.

Well, to be fair to the hub, he is a very hands on daddy. A lot more hands on than many daddies out there. He’s just not very functional when he’s “fluey”. Sigh…

Anyway, alternating between a sleep deprived baby who was crying on and off, and getting a toddler ready for swimming class, then rushing for music class after that, I finally can sit down, while nursing the baby (not an idle moment eh), in the sanctuary of a nursing room to catch my breath. And also to blog. Like what Shermaine told me, blogging is therapeutic. I can’t help but agree with her wisdom.

The pretty pastel coloured room helps. 30 mins of reprieve before it starts again. Meanwhile, I’m appreciating the moment. *eyes closed*