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Day: February 16, 2013

Simple Joys in Life

Simple Joys in Life

While 2000-4000 (reported by different sources) protested in the drizzle at Hong Lim against the White Paper, I was snuggling in bed with my littlest one.

Getting him to sleep is not easy. He’s wildly alert and loves entertainment ranging from lame jokes, whistling, dancing, by his parents and doting sister. That’s of course, secondary to his primary need for milk (survival instincts).

To have him snuggle and cradled in my arm is pure joy. Watching his little eyelids flutter gently as sleep takes over him is a kind of pleasure that is unique. His quiet breathing, shown by his little tummy just compounds it. He will remain little for so short a time. This time I must savour every minute of it as it will never return.

To take note of every little joy in life is a new resolution that I’ve made. This includes not taking everything I own for granted, to cherish what I have.

The country life I led in Germany years ago opened my eyes to the blue skies, white clouds, green fields, my nose to the fragrance of the fresh air and flowers and my other senses to other aspects of life. But, after coming back to the city, the hustle and bustle of it has made me forget what I’ve learnt to appreciate.

Well, it’s not too late to remember. And my little ones’ childhoods will come and go by.