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Day: December 7, 2012

The Way We Were

The Way We Were

It’s housekeeping time for my photos. I’m terrible at it. That’s why I needed to get this iPhone 5 with 64gb because I ran out of space on my iPhone 4S 32gb. I just couldn’t bear to delete photos. Yes yes I know. I’ve already backed them up. But I do run through my old photos once in a while and it’s really handy to have them all in one place.


This was an old photo strip that we took at the photo booth. We had one strip each. I lost mine when someone broke into my car and stole my bag which had my diary in it and the strip was in it. That was a really sad day. This strip belongs to Seow (as you can see, she’s in all 4 screens). She’s saved it in digital form so that age doesn’t fade the images.

That was us 2 decades ago. Wow!! 20 years!! That’s more than half my life!!! It was another lifetime away when things were so much simpler. I was all dark from my almost every day training under the sun with short cropped hair out of convenience. That was Edna getting ready for her studies in the UK. And Seow who looks just the same 20 years from then!!

Life was just about studies, having fun, gossiping, puppy love.

We can never turn back the clock. But I’m ever grateful that friends with shared memories are still with me. Once in a long while, when we are able to escape from the mundane responsibilities, we reminisce about our youthful foolish exploits once upon a time.

Friends for life, Darlings!!