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Day: October 14, 2012

宝贝’s Show and Tell

宝贝’s Show and Tell

宝贝 has to do a show-and-tell twice each week; once in English and once in Mandarin, according to the theme of the week. Last week was purple week. So she needed to bring a purple object for each session.

I’m the English show and tell Oic. Initially we rehearsed the short little session over the weekend. She just needed to make a speech of 1-3 sentences. Yes, not those 5 mins session kind. Can’t expect too much from toddlers younger than 3!! As time goes by, I just look for something adhering to the theme and give it to her. Lazy…

The first purple object that I set my eyes on was her swimming goggles. “Would you like to bring your goggles to school for show and tell??” She agreed. Nowadays we have to get her approval so that she would willingly do it. Sigh. Kids nowadays…

Me : Can you demonstrate how you did your show and tell in school yesterday?
宝贝:ok. (she slipped the goggles over her head and over her eyes).
Me : hang on. You wore your goggles?!
宝贝:Ya. (I must start saying yes instead of ya. She’s picking it up from me. =.=”) Good morning friends! My name is Yihui. I have purple goggles. This is how I swim. (she “swam” around the room in breast stroke.) Thank you everyone!

Hmmm… Ok. Considering that I didn’t rehearse with her. Not too bad. I didn’t expect her to put on the goggles. She looked quite hilariously in them with her school uniform. Hahaha.

My mom is the Chinese oic. She’s much more hardworking than I am. She would rehearse with 宝贝 every single time. She brought a toy brinjal for it.


婆婆 (grandma):今天的看看说说怎么样?(how’s today’s show and tell?)
宝贝:婆婆,很好。(very good)
婆婆:你怎么说?(what did you say?)
宝贝:大家好!我的名字是梁懿慧。这是紫色的。很好吃。它可以开又关,开又关。谢谢大家!(hi everybody! My name is Liang Yi Hui. This is purple and yummy. It can open and close, open and close.)
婆婆:为什么你没有介绍茄子?为什么开又关?(why didn’t you introduce it as the brinjal? And what’s with the open and close?)
宝贝:哦!我忘了它的名字。开又关是这样咯!(oh I forgot its name. Open and close refers to this)(she demonstrated by pulling the brinjal apart at the Velcro joint and putting it back together again)
宝贝:老师说我很棒!(Teacher said I did well!!)(grinning from ear to ear)

Last minute improvisation to cover up her brinjal boo boo.

Maybe all that presentations, seminars that I did while I was pregnant really contributed to her pre natal education. She was hearing my voice like 75% of the whole day!! Yadda yadda!! I talked so much that I even got tired of talking… =.=”

So if you want a talkative child, talk a lot when you are pregnant!!!