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Day: June 30, 2012

Weekend Lunch for 宝贝 – Pasta Carbonara (my own concoction)

Weekend Lunch for 宝贝 – Pasta Carbonara (my own concoction)

The last 10 posts were all about 宝贝. For a I-can’t-stand-kids to become an obsessed mother, I just can’t help it! But then again, I’m not too keen to play with other children still.

She probably loves weekend meals – dining outside and a change from her regular Mon-Fri porridge. Dining outside = condiments!!! That’s why she loves it. She probably gets herself a 2nd helping during her school snack time. =.=” Although I don’t add condiments to her home cooked meals, she’s not a very picky eater.

Her weekend meal this round : Pasta Carbonara (mushroom and fish), grilled asparagus and tomatoes

Well Grilled asparagus and tomatoes was pretty straight forward… Just grill lar!!

As for pasta carbonara, I memorized the recipe from a cook book somewhere (hehe… yes you are right. I’m one of those cheapo people who browse cookbooks at the bookshops and memorize the recipes… *guilty look* But it’s not easy to memorize recipes ok!!) once upon a time. I just didn’t add the herbs etc. So it’s more like a simplified, watered down version.

I used home made pasta. Just boil them for 15 mins (these are rather hard… so I boiled them for 20 mins). Usually I add in a pinch of salt and oil, but not for her. Like what I mentioned, she’s not picky anyway!!

While the pasta is cooking, to save time, start cooking the sauce! I fried the fish a little, breaking it into little pieces in the pan. Next went the diced fresh mushrooms. When they were cooked, I added the fresh milk and simmered it a little. Not too long or it would start to curdle. Beat in an egg (I used a quail’s egg as the portion was pretty small). Just mix the whole stuff together. Let it cook for a little while. The pasta should be ready. Drain it and pour it into the mixture and let it cook a little. I used to just scoop out the pasta and put it in cold water to stop it from cooking itself further. Then put them on the plate and just ladle the sauce over them. But I have seen the professionals cooking the pasta a little with the sauce before presenting them on the plate. I tried it and found that it truly tasted different. The pasta was simply more yummy. So Monkey see, monkey do lor…

There you go! Pasta Carbonara with grilled asparagus and tomatoes!!