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Month: July 2005

Escape from the Crimson Room!

Escape from the Crimson Room!

Received this link from Duma some time back. Solved it. Chucked it aside and forgot clean about it. Yesterday, I have received the link from Laval again. Took me some time to shovel through the thingy in my brain before I sieved out the location of the clues. Made a quick escape from the ROom! Ta Da!!!

Enter the Crimson Room… at your own risk… (Skull head symbol)

Well, if you are frustrated to the point of tearing out your hair, fear not, just drop me a blabber (or comment) and I will guide you through (if I’m in a good mood). It will be terrible if you become bald due to the game. Even Yunnam Centre will not be able to salvage the dire situation.

Colour Me Fancy!

Colour Me Fancy!

Due to the elusiveness of Uncle Zhou (Zhou Gong = Father of Sleep) last night, insufficient oxygen is making its way to my brain matter. Rather than boring my readers with my whining, I chose to blog surf. Was just wondering if the pig has updated his blog, since the map thingy, therefore, popping in for a look. Had a rather pleasant surprise that, hey! He has indeed diligently added some articles (Pretty admirable, considering the amount of time he is spending on “mapling” his bowman.)

That took like a mere 5 mins…. (10 mins if you count the amount of time I took to add a miserable little comment.) Decided to check out his flogs.

Call it luck or what (since I haven’t been too lucky recently….), I came upon this “Shattered” Blog’s article on illustration of words. Cool yah?! Being vain little me, the first time I did… was… hehe… to type in my name.

Flying-AhWomble WRed EBlue I

I love it! It has all the elements of my favourite colours in them – Bright red, yellow and blue!!! I simply go gaa-gaa over primary colours. Check yours out and see if you can paste it in my comments page. Erm… what comments.. see the little tag on the left? It says Blabber, actually it’s a comments tab. I was being heow that day when I named it and sigh, the comp idiot syndrome has kicked in and I have no clue how to amend it…

Maple – Part II

Maple – Part II

Blogger just lost part of this, which I have painstakingly toiled over for the last 30 mins… sheesh! This round will be factual, no more funnies…. I just lost my humour inspiration…

A little update on the progress on Lumino before the complaints pour in.

Lumino in a red moony hat, set off by her night black split top and white bottom.

(Chanting in a boring tone) Lumino in a brown Japo straw hat. She’ll be wearing this for a loooong loooong time to come…. Because the silly girl has spent all her money guzzling pots. (I don’t know which is worse… to spend money on clothes or on drugs.) Anyway, Axeo (He’s a cleric. Lucky pig! He doesn’t have to spend money on pots.) has kindly volunteered his healing aid so that Lumino can wean herself off drugs and buy herself more flashy clothes in order to live up to her fashion mage reputation.

Now, it’s time for complaints!!!!!!!!!!

Goodness Gracious! I thank God that the server which we are on, is a Southeast Asia Server and dominated by mostly Singaporeans. The kids are horrigibidific!!! See the extent of it! (Ok, I coined the word myself to show my exasperation!) The only good thing I can think of, is that, they are all contained in the SEA server. They must not be released to the world or else, there will be such a stink on Singapore’s name that 1 trillion bottles of top grade French perfume will not be able to cover it.

It is disheartening to realize that these are our future leaders. (Just to redeem some of them, I have met a few nice, decent kids). A bunch of cut-throats, extortionists, spoilt pesky brats and super whiners! That’s how realistic William Golding’s Lord of the Flies can be. (Hallo! It’s Lord of the FLIES not Rings! Yeah! I know I know, the ringy one is more famous… ) The super whiners go around, begging people for mesos, items etc…. And they practically whine til it gets on your nerves and you just have to throw them a bone.

Besides that, there were the unethical brats who go around stealing people’s kills! One moment, you were happily wacking this green monster, seeing gore and blood fly around, then in a flash of blue, it disappeared! Someone just stole the kill and all the experience and thus wasted the few happy minutes, which you have spent to decrease its resistance!

During one of my earlier days in Maple, when I was naïve and innocent, unlike the hard, realistic me now, I met this bloody kid.

Bloody kid : Can I have some money?
Me : (being a angel) Ok. (Gave him 1000 mesos)
Bloody kid : Not enough. I want 10,000 mesos.
Me : Sorry, no money.
Bloody kid : YOU LIAR!! (Bloody kid! That’s after I have given him 1k!!! Bloody ungrateful).
Me : ……
Bloody kid : If you don’t give me 10,000 mesos, I will ks (steal your kills) from now on!
Me : …… (Ignored the brat)

Guess what, the thug really stayed around and stole all my kills!

Sigh… Now you know where all the playground violence comes about. I have inferred that this must be the dumb kid who goes around the playgrounds and extorting his playmates. An alternative theory : He’s a victim himself and thus comes into maple to victimize others, because he is too cowardly to stand up for himself in the real world and he can terrorize people behind the safety of the computer screen. COWARD!!! Whatever the case is, the parents ought to be whipped for producing such a kid. If they have no time to impart good values to them, then don’t give birth to them lar!!!!

Ok… I have let out my frustration. Beware the next brat who crosses me!!!!