Shrink… Shrink… GONE!

Shrink… Shrink… GONE!

Have you been to seminars/workshops/lectures? I would assume so. I have been to tonnes of them.

Another observation : Have you ever noticed that people walk in and out of the room during the session?

Observation #3 : The strange thing is, they simply refuse to use the backdoor, but would prefer to do that right before a hundred pairs of eyes.

Observation #4 : Not only that, they always perform this weird movement of lowering their heads or hunching their backs as they stride across the room.

Observation #5 : Gosh! Some genie must have taught them that! That is, by hunching your back or lowering your heads, you would either become invisible or shrink to a miniscular size and nobody will notice you sauntering across the room.

The Bad News : Well, it certainly doesn’t work. Despite all the hunching, lowering, attempts to run across with lightning speed, we still see them…… BIG as life. Would someone please tell them so that they will stop embarrassing themselves in front of a huge audience and in public??

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