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Day: June 13, 2005

An All New Sax Experience! Ahhh…!!

An All New Sax Experience! Ahhh…!!

An All New Sax Experience! Ahhh…!!

Just a quick scribble before my meeting at 4pm.

Yes, yes, be patient, I’m going to describe the experience right now.

It all took place on a hot, humid Saturday afternoon (last Saturday, to be precise). We gathered in a small air-conditioned room, fine-tuning our instruments (getting ready for the MASS ORGY! According to pig, mass orgy simply means some group activity, pig, right???).

I finally had my turn on stage (yeah, a stage too, kinky eh?) for the rehearsal.

Anyway, all in all, everything went well. I was one of the last few participants, so I had to wait for 1 whole hour before I got my turn. A few of them were pretty good. One of them, the youngest partipant, I believe, did a Kenny G item on his soprano saxophone. It’s supposed to be a students’ concert, hmm… I believe he must be a teacher or something, he’s too good to be a student!!!!! *Spoil market!! The other one was a flutist who’s actually on a music scholarship. The rest were almost like me… half bucket water. hee hee.

Some comments from my ardent fans who attended the concert – the music was great, everything’s in tune (I lived in fear that I would create some unearthly squeaky sound.), except, I looked like a big piece of wooden block. Hey! Considering that this was my first time on stage with an alto saxophone, I was worried that if I were to take my eyes off my book, I would play the wrong tune and of course I was too nervous to do anything else except… blow?!

Right, I have taken down the comments and shall practise way way way way in advance for my next performance. I will :
1. stop looking like a wood.
2. stop glaring at my music book.
3. move my head up and down and sideways to create more entertainment value.
4. hop around and do a breakdance number, ending on my knees and the last note.
5. perm my hair like Kenny G.

That should be enough for now.

Still, my neighbours must be very glad that they do not have to put up with my “Moonriver” renditions every night at 11pm. No choice mah! I leave the house at 9am every morning and does not get home til 1030pm at night!! My peaceful playing should lull them to sleep (hopefully).

I shall do a jazz number the next time.

*Spoil market = set too high a standard for the rest of the people to live up to.