Xcute mi! Cn U rid dis?

Xcute mi! Cn U rid dis?

Goodness Gracious! Guess what I’ve stumbled upon while I was blog surfing?! Try reading this! I’m not sure if this is a generation gap or what. I simply can’t understand the “English” of the Generation Y/Z/whathaveyous(I’ve checked the mirror, I’m really not THAT old!!), or if it’s a new language altogether!!

bad dae!!!! =/

another dae of feelin low ah =/ . haish* duno y also . hmmm 2dae work is lyk i was so quiet than other dae. no much voice heard frm mi today. everione was shocked lyk tt. come console mi . thnk pals, i ok =)*

then ck they all come find mi n jashua nor, sho gd sia they all, 1st time x=. then we go to suntec coz ck wana haf lunch. all see him eeat onli x= . den aft tt, we went to arcade. joey n bernard wanna play initial D . see them play i feel like playin also. then i gt play, how i wish i can realli go 4 the spin ~

Actually, I still can’t decipher some of the words. Thinking of taking up a course in cryptography or something…. This is simply amazing. This is either “realli bad eng” or a very complicated piece of code.

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