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Day: January 9, 2004

Violent Game…

Violent Game…

Found the link of this game from YY’s website.

The aim of it is to blow the pesky Christmas elves to pieces!

Well, I am not exactly the world’s best shooter, so it actually took me 4 times to win the game. *sheepish look* So, you should be able to imagine the feeling of triumph and satisfaction when I FINALLY completed it!! I raised my fists up in the air in victory!!!! YES YES YES! Guess what?! I managed to slug my brother (who was actually standing behind my seat, watching me play.. ) in his mouth! He doubled up in pain, because my fist ploughed into his 2 front teeth and his nose. I suffered a cut on my knuckles (compliments from his bugs bunny teeth) with a bonus of his teeth imprint on them.

If you value your life, DON’T PLAY THIS GAME!!

Book Releaaassseeee!!!!

Book Releaaassseeee!!!!

The article on book release in the LIfe today got me all flushed and excited! That’s a totally brilliant idea! I have quite a few books at home just for this very sole purpose! I have read them once and yet I doubt they would interest me to read a second time. I have a strange fetish of keeping books which I have read at least twice. Since these do not qualify for this criterion, there’s no reason why they should stay on my shelves. Yet, it’s a pity to discard them.

Therefore, after reading about book release, I thought,”YEP! THIS IS IT!!”

Step 1 :

I eagerly registered myself at both the Bookcrossing website (I have decided to let my book gain some international exposure. I mean, wouldn’t it be totally cool if my book actually has the chance to travel across oceans and continents?!) and at the Passiton website (Being a Singaporean, I should show some support for the local website and the interest group. Patriotic eh?!)

Step 2 :

I made a stringent check of my bookshelves and selected 2 lucky books to experiment on. “Roses are Red” and “Violets are Blue”.

Step 3 :

I bugged my brother to print the Bookcrossing release book labels, snipped them into tidy little rectangular pieces (well almost as I’m not the world’s “straightest” cutter. So, they turned out to resemble little trapeziums instead. Hmm….). I stuck them smack on page one (with a stick of purple UHU glue. My brother claimed that the purple glue’s not superior to the white one, he got it because he’s *heow). Following the instructions in Bookcrossing, I filled in the BID number.

Step 4 : (The MOST IMPORTANT Step!!)

Ponder ponder… Hmm… hm… I have registered myself. I have the books and have even labelled them. Where’s the best place to release them??

A few places came to my mind:

– on a bench beside the reservoir? (It might rain and the poor book will get all wet and soggy!! Nah… I should choose a sheltered area!)

– in an SBS Bus?? (What if nobody picks it up at the end of the day and they end up at the SBS lost & Found?!)

– in the MRT? (Hmm.. If I left it there and someone picks it up and runs after me, telling me that I have forgotten them… Should I tell him that I’m.. eh hem… releasing them in the “wild”. He will probably think I’m nuts, if he hasn’t read the article!!)

– in the post box?! (Where only the postman will find it?!)

Argh argh!! I have got everything but nowhere to release them….

Being the ever cheapskate I am, something just popped into my mind… How about STARBUCKS?! Since Pass it on is advocating it. I might as well do it, then I get to register this action in both websites! Whee! I can simply kill 2 twittering birds with one book, oops, I mean stone. Ah wei! How smart can you get! *A pat on my own back* There there….

Step 5 :

What’s left now, will be to release the 2 books in Starbucks cafe on Monday.

Mission Completed…

*heow = Vain (in Singaporean context)