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Day: October 20, 2003

Dinner Topic for Today (backdated to 17th October, Friday)

Dinner Topic for Today (backdated to 17th October, Friday)

A group of my friends just paid a visit to Bangkok (They conveniently forgot to tell me about the trip! @#%#%!!!). The rest of us (who were left behind) could only enjoy the exotic tales from the horse’s mouth. (Literally, because the narrator’s nick is Du-ma aka Gambling Horse. *Dodges a tomato* Ok ok, forgive me for the tasteless pun. On with the story…)

We were having dinner at Kenny Rogers (Suntec City, to be precise) while Duma was regaling us with his Thai Massage tales.

“We had 2 sessions of massage. The first one was the real authentic one at the temple. Waa… The guy used a lot of strength! Shiok!!!”

“So you meant the 2nd one was not a “real”, “authentic” one? Was it by a woman?”

“Yalor. There was a row of massage houses near the hotel, so we just popped into one. Yep, woman.”

“Oh.. Was she caressing rather than massaging?”

“Something like that.”

“Waaa…. Did you have full service!?”

“OF COURSE NOT! We were in the same room as the gals!(4 of my friends went on this trip, 2 of them were girls.)”

“*gasp* If the girls weren’t in the room, you would have…..”

“Siao! I have good control ok!! (The rest of us were exchanging knowing looks.) I didn’t go….” (He re-enacted the scene from “When Harry met Sally”, Meg Ryan’s …. )

During this special moment, I could feel the attention of everyone in the restaurant focused on us. Unknown to us, the volume of our excited voices was increasing as the conversation progressed, climaxing at this point.

A group of young girls at the table next to us were giving us strange looks. (There were 5 of us at that table). When I meant, us, it was literally US, Pig and I, as our seats were in full frontal view of theirs. “They were all staring straight at ME!!!” he squealed. The Pig was rather concerned about his image, him being a professional and still single.

So, for the sake of his future, we decided to finish our dinner (in a hurry), and hunt for another place (Macs, as it’s usually rather noisy anyway.) to finish our Thai tales.

Latest resolution : No more visits to Kenny Rogers (Suntec City) for this whole year. Hopefully, time heals all humiliation.

Note : Through my magic crystal ball, I foresee a comment coming from pig/schwein/whatever-he-feels-like-calling-himself-at-that-spur-of-the-moment. He will not be able to pass over a temptation like that, staring at him in his face. We shall see. Or he might (with a strong willpower) control his emotions and abstain from commenting on this, one post, just to prove me wrong. DUH!