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Day: September 21, 2003

Sunday… down the drain…

Sunday… down the drain…

SIgh.. THere goes my weekend. Less than 30 mins left til Mon! The most hated day of the week!

I had big plans for Sunday. The list went on and on…. I have only accomplished one miserable item!!

I have squandered my precious Sunday by playing flash games! Ack!! Can you believe it?! Me neither! Before I knew it, SUnday is GONE! The main culprit was Dynomite! If you have great faith in yourself, click on the link, by all means!

I am presently experiencing cramps in my right hand and fingers, having maintained the mouse position for the whole day. Hmm… Come to think of it, my thumb looks swollen! Arghghgh! There! I hear an offer (from my brother) for a hand massage. He is probably feeling the pangs of guilt for having introduced me to the website. Huh!