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Ming Ming’s Diary – Little Yoga Master

Ming Ming’s Diary – Little Yoga Master


A not so good morning *sniff sniff* I’m still having a running away nose and am still sick.


I feel like 💩. And I didn’t sleep last night. See my bleary eyes. I’m so sad that I missed school today. I was so looking forward to it. I hope the babes don’t miss me too much. I won’t be there to serenade them under the stars and catch bubbles for them. Sigh! How I hate being sick. It sux big time!


My last selfie looked awful?? Of course! I’m sick!! Ok ok I must look good even though I’m sick. Here’s another selfie. Blurry? I haven’t had my breaky yet, that’s why.


Hmmm… I still need to keep up with my physical exercise although I can’t go to school. That horrible Gregory at school laughed at my moobs. 😡 he said he’s going to seduce all my gorgeous girlfriends from me. How dare he!! I’m just not tall enough for my weight. I’m not the fat kind of fat! 😆


Here I go, on my green exercise towel. Look! 6 pack abs!



I stretch and stretch and stretch…




There! I’ve done it! Toe in mouth!! Wonderful yoga skill! I’m really good! But I must be humble, hehe, not too much praise please.

Let me tell you a secret.. My Papa can’t do this. He sat on the floor and stretched and stretched and his fingers only reached his knees… max! Papa claims that he’s too tall, that’s why! Me thinks it’s his tummy that’s getting in his way. Don’t worry. Papa doesn’t read my blog. He doesn’t even have a Facebook account! Blogging is too advanced for him!!