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Miss Potato Head?!

Miss Potato Head?!

Struggling to put her swimming cap over her head. It slipped off for the 3rd consecutive time.
Me : (exasperated) why is your head so big today??
宝贝: I ate a lot of vegetables during lunch today. That’s why my head is so big.
Me : what does eating vegetables have to do with your head?!
宝贝 : all the vegetables went to my head. So it became bigger. I should eat less vegetables.

Is she trying to pull a fast one on me?!

Bimbo Stories

Bimbo Stories

A few months back… In sedentary September, 宝贝 had her 4th birthday.

Her classmate gave her a Barbie doll.

宝贝: Mama! Peter Paul gave me a Barbie!! I want to play with it now. (Now happened to be bedtime.)
Me : Nope, you play with it tomorrow. You must sleep now.
宝贝: But I love Barbie dolls!
Me : Why would you? You never had one. Besides, only BIMBOs play with Barbies. See!! Both start with B.
宝贝: What’s a BIMbo??
Me : A Bimbo is a silly Sally. Silly Sallys are giddy gaddies and they fall down all the time.
宝贝 : Ooh! I just fell down today! (Shows me a bruise on her knee) So I’m a silly Sally. And I’m a bimbo. Can I play with the Barbie doll now??


Today, we revisited the subject on Bimbos again.

宝贝: Mama, green is no longer my favourite colour.
Me : Oh really? So what’s your favourite colour now?
宝贝 : PINK!!
Me : Pink?! Yucks! Only bimbos like pink!!
宝贝 : But Sarah likes pink too! (Trying to convince me with herd mentality.)
Me : So?!
宝贝 : Mama, then why are you wearing pink?! You are a bimbo!!
Me : (looks down at my shirt. Darn! I’m wearing a dark pink Adidas polo shirt. I made a mental note to check my clothes before venturing into the bimbo topic in future.) Now look! This is a present from Uncle Ernest. It’ll be very rude to reject a present. So since I didn’t buy it, I’m not a Bimbo!!
宝贝 : (chanting) Bimbo Bimbo Bimbo!!

Damn!!! Pawned by a 4 year old. 😅

Lopsided Giraffe

Lopsided Giraffe

After I bought one of these PlayMais sponge handicraft thingy for one of her friends’ birthday present, she’s been bugging us for one practically everyday.

My parents caved in and bought her one for Christmas. We finally “open sesame” the box last weekend to start work on it.

It’s a very good craft for preschoolers, except for the exorbitant price.

Here’s what it looks like. They have it in various themes. Hers is a safari one, complete with boards and props for the final assembly. (If we ever get there… )


It’s filled with colourful foams. You cut them up into shapes according to the instruction booklet. And stick them together with water. Easy peasy!!



Here’s 宝贝 trying to assemble her giraffe.


The giraffe’s head and neck. The instruction booklet is in the background.


The final product – a lopsided mutant giraffe. Fully produced by 宝贝, with minimal help from us. Not the handsomest giraffe but at least it’s standing on its 4 wobbly legs.

It took her the entire morning for this. No mean feat.

Spelling time!

Spelling time!

Wow! It’s been some time since I’ve posted. And it’s been quite a while since I last sat down to do some revision with 宝贝. I’m the English oic and it’s all been very adhoc. As a result, her Chinese has improved by leaps and bounds, thanks to my Mom’s religious drilling everyday. But her English standard has fallen behind.

Although she’s not allowed to play with the phone but every night she’s allowed to send 2 whatsapp messages to anyone, on the condition that she spells the message herself. She’s been doing this since she turned 3. So she’s been building up her vocabulary. From single words to short sentences consisting of 3-4 words.


She loves to message her Jiu Jiu (uncle). He’s by far the most responsive “messager”. Messaging her father is like watching the message disappear into a black hole. But she still messages him quite often, hoping for his once in a while reply.

Today we started on very adhoc spelling. (I’m not sure if I can keep up. 😅)


Sunday Morning Snapshot – Little Kitty Face

Sunday Morning Snapshot – Little Kitty Face

I could hear the pitter pattering of little feet running around my room. I half opened my eyes (totally zonked out by the baby who woke up once every hour last night) and estimated it to be around 730am.

I was expecting the usual stuff, 宝贝 would jump into my bed and play with her brother. About 15 mins passed, nothing happened, except lots of rustling sounds from my toilet. This was extremely unusual.

I called out to her and she ran…in the opposite direction – to her room!

Ok. Fishy…!

Finally she appeared and whispered in a very remorseful voice,”Mommy please help…”


She did this to her face.



“What’s that on your face?!”

My hub came into the room and explained.

“She’s been playing with your makeup. She used up a lot of tissue, trying to remove it. Then she used water. But she couldn’t remove it. When you called out to her she ran away because she was afraid that she’s going to get scolded…”

That explained all the running around and rustling sounds. =.=”

“Waaa it’s permanent! It can’t be removed for one week!”

Then tears started to pool in her eyes. “I don’t want to go out like this!! Ugly!!” She wailed!

“If I remove them for you, do you promise not to play with my makeup again?”

She tearfully nodded her head.

“No promises ok! I will try to remove it. If I can’t then you have to stay at home for a week until it’s gone!”

So I used the makeup remover. And made a big fanfare out of it. “Waaa! So hard to remove! Waaa! You are so lucky!!!! See!! It can be removed! You may not be so lucky the next time!”

She happily left the room with a clean face. My makeup is safe…. For now….

Sunday Morning Snapshot – Looking at the World through a Hole in the Chair

Sunday Morning Snapshot – Looking at the World through a Hole in the Chair


The cheeky boy plonked his head on the tray of his high chair and peeked at me through the hole in my dining chair. Now you see me…!!


宝贝’s turn!


Hey! It’s me again!! *giggle* peek-a-boo!!

Freestyle Drawing

Freestyle Drawing


Her doodling on a serviette while we were waiting for our meal to be served.

I love all her freestyle drawings. Untutored, simple, a true reflection of her state of mind. Comparing these to the ones she drew in art class, they look raw but more real. The “art class” pieces were also produced by her but under the guidance of the art teacher who instructed her to draw shapes until they formed pretty pictures. In a way, they were not reflections of her mind, although they were drawn by her.

All the animals and stick people in her freestyle doodles are always smiling. 2 beady eyes and an upward curve for a mouth. She’s a happy child (most of the time). A reflection of her sunny disposition in the doodles.

The 2 animals look like they have the same basic templates, with additionally features. If you haven’t guessed it, the one on top is a camel. The one at the bottom is a giraffe and the stick person is a farmer(?! Don’t ask me why he’s a farmer and not a zoo keeper. That’s what the artist told me. =.=”)

I wonder how her drawings will develop as she grows older. The unknown is exciting, as every child’s potential lies untapped.

Beading for a Friend

Beading for a Friend

Her beading interest started last year. I assembled a beading kit for her Christmas present. But we only do it for special occasions because she takes an awfully long time to complete one.

She’s come a long way from the day she started her first beading project. She’s learnt patterns in school this year and she’s been putting it to practice in her beading. I will still measure out the thread for her.

She plans her own patterns and colours without any prompting from me. She lays them nicely in a row before patiently threading them together.

Her birthday present for her friend. She spent the whole Sunday morning fashioning this. Matching bracelet and necklace. Good enough to sell… Haha… Evil mom thinking of ways to make her daughter pay for her own expenses. Maybe she can make enough to fund her own tertiery education??? Taking orders! :p