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小小宝贝's First Lion Dance! 

小小宝贝's First Lion Dance! 

Me: How did you find the Lion Dance?

小小宝贝: The lions are naughty naughty!

Me: 🤔 Why?!

小小宝贝: Because after they ate the oranges, they spit their food out! Cannot spit food out! (Disapproving look) AND they threw rubbish all over the floor! Naughty naughty!!

There’s hope for the next generation! Keep Singapore litter free!! 😆

And So.. Humpty Didi Had A Bad Fall…

And So.. Humpty Didi Had A Bad Fall…

All it took was a slippery ground after water play and the metal floor track of the sliding door. Humpty Didi slipped and landed his shin on the metal track. 

He said that he cried “not very loudly” and no one paid him any attention so he picked himself up and limped into the classroom. 

My heart went out to him when I heard it. The teachers probably didn’t think much of it since he didn’t bawl his eyes out. But he was unable to rest his weight on his left leg. 

I googled his condition online and read that there’s a possibility of toddler fracture (hairline fracture). 

Still as cheeky as ever. 

Ming Ming : Caroline’s 奶奶 (grandmother) said I’m buat Toh (with an English slang). But, Mommy, I’m not Buat Toh. I’m Cheng Ming!! (Indignantly)

*Buat Toh is hokkien for fall down. 

Chicken Soup for 小小宝贝

Chicken Soup for 小小宝贝

小小宝贝 :婆婆,我要喝鸡汤。
婆婆 :好。喝汤。
小小宝贝 :(in an indignant voice) 不是汤!是鸡汤!
婆婆 : 好好!鸡汤!(passed him the bowl of chicken soup, supported the bowl while he drank straight from it)

Soon, we heard strange gurgling sounds from 小小宝贝.

小小宝贝 :(looked up from his bowl) 我在漱口。
婆婆 :鸡汤不喝!拿来漱口!(took the bowl away)

Sigh…. He must be the only toddler in the world who rinses his mouth with chicken soup…

又好气、又好笑! 😓😓😓

Hungry Babies

Hungry Babies

She brought a whole armload of her bears downstairs.

“Ooh! My babies are hungry!!!” She pulled up her pink little t-shirt, exposing her chest and charming little chubby tummy, while her mommy looked at her, agog. She grabbed the first bear and pushed its furry face over her chest. Shouldn’t she be bottle feeding the bears, just like all the other little girls???

“Erm…. Are you feeding your babies??”

Her mommy almost fell over, laughing. But she just had to keep a straight face because the little mommy looked so serious.

“Yes. They are hungry. They were crying!! Didn’t you hear them?”

Hmmm… Her mommy must get her hearing checked for she heard nothing.


The pensive mommy feeding her baby.


The mommy scratching her back while feeding.


The mommy posing for her breast feeding glamour shot.

She gently set the bear down and repeated it with the next one, and the one after and finally all of them.

“Wow! Your babies drink really fast. Are they full?” Observed her mommy.

“Yes. All full. They are fast, not like your baby. So slow!”

She gave me a proud-mommy look because her babies were fast drinkers.


Morning Exercise

Morning Exercise

She woke up, feeling under the weather. I kept her home although she preferred to go to school. It’s all play now at school so she looks forward to attending it every day. Hope she still feels the same way a few years later.

Kind of perky for a “sick” child?! Her 70s dance moves crack me up. No… I didn’t teach her that. All my friends know that I score at the bottom on the dancing scale. Can’t be too perfect, you know…

宝贝’s Family Portrait

宝贝’s Family Portrait

宝贝 brought her Chinese workbook back from school today as this is the last week of the school term. I’ve met up with her Chinese teacher last week so I already had a preview of her work.

The session didn’t yield any surprise since I pretty much know what she can do. Wang Laoshi said she’s very into Chinese (she likes what she’s good at. Considering the amount of time my mom spends on her, honing her language. She’s already able to read sentences. Sadly that’s not the case for English. I’m the English oic and I’ve been derelict in my job. Oops!)

I deviate.

Back to her workbook. There’s a missing piece. 全家福. Family Portrait. She didn’t do that piece of work as she was absent from school that week. It must have been the gastric flu week right after Chinese New Year.

So after her English practice (an ad hoc effort of mine, trying to make up for lost time), I handed her her sketchbook (a book we bought in Australia, to keep her occupied.), which was filled with abstract colourful market doodles, sat her down to complete her family portrait.


The little artist and her art piece.


The close up. From left to right – herself, 小小宝贝, mama, papa. We look like a family of “No Face”, straight out of Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away. :p

Notice the little squiggles at the bottom of the stick legs. Those are shoes… The first one she drew with more care because it’s herself mah. Poor papa had the worst end of the stick. He’s the last to be drawn and she’s already lost her patience for it. She didn’t even give him legs.



It’s been a mad rush since 7am this morning. The hub is of no help. He’s knocked out from flu. I’m utterly convinced that “weaker sex” is not referring to women. At the peak of health, he could only handle one child. When he’s sick, he’s flat out. When women are sick, they can still nurse babies, work, handle a difficult toddler. No wonder, women were chosen to bear babies and not men.

It’s even so in the animal world. The lioness is the one that bears the young, hunts for food for the whole family while the male just preens his mane to get himself camera ready for the wild life photographers.

Well, to be fair to the hub, he is a very hands on daddy. A lot more hands on than many daddies out there. He’s just not very functional when he’s “fluey”. Sigh…

Anyway, alternating between a sleep deprived baby who was crying on and off, and getting a toddler ready for swimming class, then rushing for music class after that, I finally can sit down, while nursing the baby (not an idle moment eh), in the sanctuary of a nursing room to catch my breath. And also to blog. Like what Shermaine told me, blogging is therapeutic. I can’t help but agree with her wisdom.

The pretty pastel coloured room helps. 30 mins of reprieve before it starts again. Meanwhile, I’m appreciating the moment. *eyes closed*


Old Keepsake

Old Keepsake

We are at my parents’ place. 宝贝is rummaging through the cupboards, entertaining herself while I’m doing my “walk the sleeping baby in the pouch” marathon. I must have completed at least a half marathon.


That’s him with his legs sticking out of the pouch.

Then I hear a squeal behind me. “That’s mommy!!”

Look what she’s found!


That was 1 year old me, posing beside my rabbit birthday cake.

I must say that I was quite a cute kid. :p

My Little Van Gogh

My Little Van Gogh

Simple Joys in Life

“Mom! I drew this in class for you! I love you!”

“Teacher Allen outlined the red flower for me but I coloured it. I did the rest myself!” She confessed.

The rest of the lines looked shaky enough to be drawn by her.

“BUT I chose all the colours myself!” She declared proudly.

It’s definitely not a Van Gogh. But it’s not every day that a 3 year old draws something specially for me and presents it with a declaration of love. I’m the luckiest mom on Earth! *beams*


I’m Only 3 Years Old!

I’m Only 3 Years Old!

Me : Do you know why you are sick?
宝贝 : yes. Because I played with Amanda (her BFF) in school and she threw up.
Me : Next time if you see your friend throw up, should you play with her?
宝贝 :I didn’t know she’s sick.
Me : Well, now you know! So what happens if you play with a sick friend?
宝贝 : I get sick and I throw up. But I didn’t know! I’m only 3 years old and I’m in n2! Next time when I’m in k1 and k2 I’ll know!! Ok!!
Me : Yes! But you are no longer 2 years old and you are a Jie Jie!
宝贝 : ok ok!!

Waaa. She knows how to use the “I’m only 3 years old!” on me. I must prepare more “ammunition” for rebuttal in future. I must get my last say!!!