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Sick Child, Inconsiderate Parent

Sick Child, Inconsiderate Parent

It’s my regular pilgrimage to the polyclinic for 小小宝贝’s bilirubin test. Almost 2 months and still they can’t discharge him because it’s still high. I should get a platinium VIP membership card to the polyclinic for my regular visits! Heck! I go there more often than I visit the toilet!! Zz

Anyway this post is not about it. I’m deviating from what I want to write. Eh!! Why you all have that “what’s new” looks on your faces?!

Here goes…

On my way back to the multistorey carpark, a trail of vomit started appearing. The white curd kind that gives off a strong retching smell that you can smell miles away.

The trail ended at a huge mountain of vomit, a crying child (of about 5 years old), who was carrying a school bag and his mother. The mother was chiding him while knocking on the door of Cherie Hearts Childcare.

I was horrified. Yes. Horrified.

1. The child was obviously sick and not feeling well. He should be resting at home.

2. The mother, instead of letting him rest at home, forced him to go to the childcare?! Taking a day off from work to take care of your child, will die meh?!

3. The parent should be considerate as the child had an infectious disease that could spread to other children. Children under 12 years old are still vulnerable.

4. I hope the child care turned the child away and talk some sense into the mother.

宝贝 was recently a victim of gastric flu. She caught the bug from her childcare on the last day of school. The bug has a 4 days incubation period. As you can imagine, our Chinese New Year was spent nursing a sick child who threw up constantly for 12 hours. We tried to quarantine her but the bug was active before the symptoms started to appear. I caught it, so did my mom!! These are commando bugs!!

宝贝 lost almost 2 kgs and flopped around like a rag doll for a few days. She was throwing up even water. It was heart breaking to see a toddler like that.

That’s why I was horrified and utterly disgusted with the parent for disregarding her child’s discomfort and putting other children at risk.