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Sunday Morning Snapshot – Little Kitty Face

Sunday Morning Snapshot – Little Kitty Face

I could hear the pitter pattering of little feet running around my room. I half opened my eyes (totally zonked out by the baby who woke up once every hour last night) and estimated it to be around 730am.

I was expecting the usual stuff, 宝贝 would jump into my bed and play with her brother. About 15 mins passed, nothing happened, except lots of rustling sounds from my toilet. This was extremely unusual.

I called out to her and she ran…in the opposite direction – to her room!

Ok. Fishy…!

Finally she appeared and whispered in a very remorseful voice,”Mommy please help…”


She did this to her face.



“What’s that on your face?!”

My hub came into the room and explained.

“She’s been playing with your makeup. She used up a lot of tissue, trying to remove it. Then she used water. But she couldn’t remove it. When you called out to her she ran away because she was afraid that she’s going to get scolded…”

That explained all the running around and rustling sounds. =.=”

“Waaa it’s permanent! It can’t be removed for one week!”

Then tears started to pool in her eyes. “I don’t want to go out like this!! Ugly!!” She wailed!

“If I remove them for you, do you promise not to play with my makeup again?”

She tearfully nodded her head.

“No promises ok! I will try to remove it. If I can’t then you have to stay at home for a week until it’s gone!”

So I used the makeup remover. And made a big fanfare out of it. “Waaa! So hard to remove! Waaa! You are so lucky!!!! See!! It can be removed! You may not be so lucky the next time!”

She happily left the room with a clean face. My makeup is safe…. For now….