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New Year Resolution – Jogging!

New Year Resolution – Jogging!

Yesterday, I decided that I shall fulfill my new year resolution (erm… My 2015 New Year Resolution actually… *blush*)! I shall start JOGGING again!

I tried to jumpstart it, but I didn’t get past the door.. (my bedroom door). There was once when I put on my running gear, and then, chickened out….

Yesterday, I finally decided to put my foot down (literally!) and stop PROCRASTINATING!

I dugged out my Asics from my shoe cabinet, blew years of dust of it and checked out the condition. I had a very BAD feeling… that it wouldn’t last. When I was actively running, one pair of sports shoes could last me for years and years and year. But once I stopped, even a fairly new pair would fall apart after years of disuse because the rubber parts have hardened. Ok.. I was trying to find a new excuse not to start. 🙈

Taking a deep breath, Huff Puff! Here I go!

I started off slowly, very old already, ok… Ain’t spring chicken anymore! Hmm… where should I go? I hate roads. Ok, I should stay off the roads so that I wouldn’t have to breathe in the exhaust. Park connector?? Ok, there’s one behind my house. 🤔

Eh.. Dead end! Changed direction. Then I discovered that the park connectors didn’t come with directions, but only a sign that said, “PARK CONNECTOR”. Sigh… Noob runner. OK fine, I would just run around the estate and admire the houses then.

Argh…! Slopes! Right, they were not as bad as the ones which we used to do at NUS Kent Ridge (the killer slope near the old Engineering faculty) BUT, for someone who hadn’t ran in years, it felt like it had the same gradient as that!! 😵😵😵

20 minutes later, my knees started to hurt. Now, I remembered why I stopped. I carried on for a while and then decided to take it easy, slowing down to a brisk walk instead. I ”
DIE DIE” MUST hit my target of 30 minutes!!!

AND… I survived!!!

But my Asics didn’t….

RIP Asics!

Now I need to buy another pair of running shoes and some knee braces….💪🏼

Amped Trampoline Park – Bouncing Fun!

Amped Trampoline Park – Bouncing Fun!

I’ve been a “single mom” for the last 2 weekends. I was running out of ideas to bring the kids out to places where they can be tired out in the shortest possible time. (ko so that I can have an afternoon of peace). I was toying with the idea of going rock climbing but 小小宝贝 couldn’t take part in it as he’s too young. I vaguely remembered from Shimian’s blog that there’s a trampoline place in the east.

Easy peasey. Did a google on it and yes!!! They allow young children into the trampoline area as long as they are able to walk, under the supervision of a parent.

So Amped Trampoline Park it is! I tried to book slots online but wow! It was full on sat! This place is really popular! So I settled for Sun morning.


And there’s free parking right beneath it!! Also a kopitiam on 1st floor. But it’s hard to starve in that area. It’s surrounded by good food.


As instructed in the website we brought along socks. Socks are sold at $3 for forgetful people. I was tempted to buy a pair for myself. They are non slip socks. It’s hard to find non slip socks for preschoolers and adults.

The 2 宝贝s couldn’t wait to get started. It’s a chore to get 2 excited kids to pose beautifully. Sigh!

As soon as we went through the net, 宝贝 abandoned us and bounced around happily on her own…



The next time I spotted her, she was drowning happily in the foam pit. I was so tempted to bounce around myself. But parental duties first. I had to shadow Mr 小小宝贝 around.

Initially he was upset that he couldn’t walk properly as everyone bounced around him and he lost his balance. He figured out that the easiest way to move around was to run along the adjoining blue strips. There he went!



Then he got a little bolder and started venturing onto the black trampoline surfaces.


Finally he couldn’t resist it and started jumping on it.




There he was! Landing with finesse after a baby jump.

And surprise surprise! Guess who we met there! My brother!!


His first time there too!!

I was conked out after 40 mins of running after 小小宝贝. Meanwhile I only saw flashes of 宝贝 hopping around. She sure has good stamina.

Conclusion : instant success! 宝贝 is already asking when I’m bringing here there again. And she wants to go with Jiu Jiu who can teach her tricks as he used to be a gymnast.

Proof of result :


✌️Peace reigns! That’s why I’ve time to blog now!

We are 100% going again! Anyone wants to come along??!!

Amped Trampoline Park
369 Tanjong Katong Road, Singapore 437126
(Level 2, above the kopitiam
*Entrance is up the staircase at the back near the carpark
*Free parking at location
Tel: 8669 4894


Ming Ming's Diary – It's Gym Day!

Ming Ming's Diary – It's Gym Day!


Hiya folks!!! It’s gym day again!! 💪💪💪

A fit Ming Ming is a healthy Ming Ming. A healthy Ming Ming is Mr Sunshine Ming!!


Watch me bounce on the giant bouncing ball! *giggle* Do you believe that I can bounce all the way to the moon???? Let me show you!!


Boing Boing Boing!!!


Oopsy! This is tiring! *pant pant* all the way there and back. I’m going to try for Mars next. I’ll grab some Mars bars back for you!!


Hmm… I think it’s much faster to go on wheels then to continue bouncing on the ball.

Me drive??? No way!! I’m the boss!! Bosses sit at the back!!! *whispers* see! That’s my chauffeur.

Huh?! Nothing Papa!! I didn’t say anything! You’ve heard wrongly. *smiles at Papa beatifically*


Ah ha! Here’s my destination. Time to alight!


This is hard work!! Crawling on the balance bar!! But the thought of having a trim and fit body after the work out pushes me on!

Go Ming Ming Go!! You can do it!! Rawrrrr!!!!


Hey!! There’s a phone there!!! *looks around* yoo hoo!!!

Whose phone is that?!?! Look! I’m an honest boy!!! There’s a phone here!!!

But if no one claims it, I’m going to take it over?!?!

Hmmm… Ok quickly update my blog then put it back. Me honest honest. No take strange phones at gym.


Trying out the scooter next. Vroom!!! Wobble wobble! Careful Ming Ming!! Balance balance!!!


I guess this is still my favourite ride. It even has a bum rest. Just nice for my tight butt.

Huh? I’m riding it back to front?? Now look here buddy! I’m holding the handlebar. That’s the front!! The one behind is my butt rest!!!


And let me demonstrate how to drive it.

*push push* then you wriggle your butt against the butt rest. You get to exercise your butt as well.

There!!! Now that’s the right way to ride the bum kneader!!!

Baby Commando Camp Training

Baby Commando Camp Training

At 18 years old, all Singaporean males will be enlisted into National Service.

At 14 days old, 小小宝贝 attended his 1st day of Baby Commando Training Camp.

He did 3 push ups in a row though I’ve only managed to capture 2. Infants are pretty amazing nowadays. 宝贝 managed to do that at around 1.5 months old.

According to the confinement lady, the infants whom she has recently looked after, quite a few were very developed in terms of the physical aspects as compared to the ones, about half a generation back.

During our days, most of us were born, weighing 2-3kg. Nowadays, most babies weigh 3-4kg at birth.

Better nutrients? Human evolution?? Mutation due to pollution?!?!?