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It’s Just Not the Sim Way

It’s Just Not the Sim Way

As promised, this is appearing in my post. I’ve just upgraded to my iPhone 5. I’ve 2 lines, which means that now I can use my iPhone 4S for my second line!! Yay! My 3GS is nearing the end of its life span, the home button has gone totally kaputt. I’m getting by, using the touch assisted button. And the screen has been flickering.

But this means that I’ve to pay another $26 to get a new SIM card!! Sigh.

Ernest : No need to buy lar. Can cut wan.
Me : Cut?! Even from micro to nano?!
Ernest : Yes! I did it all on my own! Haven’t bought a single SIM card since I upgraded from iPhone 3.
Me : Ok… Help me cut!!

He printed out a template from the Internet, stuck the SIM card carefully on it, did the measurements and markings on the card and trimmed it neatly.

Ernest : There! (Feeling very proud of himself)
Me : (I took the card gingerly and scrutinised it) Why does it look so tiny?!
Ernest : Tiny? Correct what! Nano Sim, of course small!!
Me : Nano?! I don’t want nano!! I only want micro!!!
Ernest : you need nano for iPhone 5!!
Me : Noooooo! It’s for my 4s!!! My iPhone 5 already has a nano!!


Ernest : ok ok. Let me try to fix it.
Me : How!!

He whipped out the adhesive tape.
Me : (looks at him dubiously) Are you sure this is going to work?!
He was attempting to stick the trimmed edges back and trim it into a micro Sim. The end product was a Frankenstein Sim. He stuck it into the phone. We waited for it to detect. “No Sim detected”. Sigh. Sim pronounced dead…

It’s back to M1 for a new micro Sim. I’m destined to spend this $26….