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Food Diary Day 11 – Home Made Purée Vs Off the Shelf Purée

Food Diary Day 11 – Home Made Purée Vs Off the Shelf Purée

We left home in a hurry and we forgot to bring along the apple purée that Papa had painstakingly prepared for 小小宝贝. We bought a Heinz apple purée off the shelf of cold storage.

After 2 spoonfuls, 小小宝贝 clamped his little mouth up and refused to eat more.

I’ve sampled the store bought purée before. It tasted sweeter, denser in texture and not as fresh. Maybe it’s all in the mind, but the discerning baby could tell the difference. He’s been spoiled by home cooked food.

宝贝 helped us finish up the entire bottle. “Yummy!” She declared.

小小宝贝 had the home made one for dinner. He finished the entire cube and whined for more….

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Food Diary Day 10 – Steamed Apple Purée

Food Diary Day 10 – Steamed Apple Purée

Finally the fruit purée ic has time to get to work. It’s steamed apple purée! Think – the yummy steaming apple in apple crumble! Naturally sweet and smooth.

Cut the apples into pieces and steam them for 15 minutes. Blend them. Simple riiiggghhhttt?

And so, 小小宝贝 had a whale of a time eating his apple purée. He downed 6 teaspoons of it. I didn’t get back in time to snap his photo. 🙁 I could only rely on the testimonial given by the proud daddy.

宝贝 got to eat apple yoghurt today. She hadn’t had it for the longest time ever. She even licked her bowl clean. =.=” yup it was THAT yummy.


*Rows of purée. Apple, spinach then pumpkin.

Soon he will get to eat a wider variety of purée. A great start to an exciting adventure!

Meanwhile I’ve thought of loads of stuff to make with apple purée. 🙂

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