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Ming Ming's Diary – Slippery Slip Module 101

Ming Ming's Diary – Slippery Slip Module 101

Look at this engineering wonder at Punggol Park!
Hahaha! I didn’t build this. I’m so flattered that you think I did. 

Hey! Papa! Watch me ok!!
This is how you crawl up a slide. For you you need to turn sideways so that you don’t get stuck. 
Teaching Papa the playing on the slide module 101. 

Rainbow Fish Play

Rainbow Fish Play

I’ve always enjoyed children’s plays. You will be surprised to find that their standard is pretty high, with engaging storylines, colourful and innovative sets, wonderful acting and singing, well written original songs and local puns! Best of all, the tickets cost a fraction of what I’ve to pay for an adult’s play or performance. It doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg (2 arms and 2 legs, in fact) to bring the whole family there. The only drawback is, I’ve to book tickets way in advance. I hate watching plays from a lousy seat. Just a pet peeve of mine. 😁

I’m very blessed to have children who enjoy them as much as I do, with minimal fidgeting. 

Right, back to my topic. Rainbow fish. Well, it’s based on a well-loved children’s book with beautiful illustrations on pride and selfishness. iTheatre managed to expand it into an enjoyable 40 mins musical. 

The sets are thoughtful and innovative. 

Colourful under the UV lights. And very fine puppetry work we have here. The actors did a wonderful job in bringing the puppet sea creatures to life with their expressive voices. There’s the proud and selfish rainbow fish, witty Big Violet, excitable Little Green, friendly Small Blue, sociable Tiny Stripes, motherly Starfish, villainous (but cowardly) French accented Hammerhead shark (who’s mad about sushi and sashimi) and wise old Octopus. 

My favourite character is the witty Big Violet which is both abrasive and eloquent. Heck! He even speaks Shakespearean! 

“Any fish by any other name will smell as fishy!”- Big Violet. 

So if you haven’t watched it, get the tickets now at Sistic! Check out their website

Our wefie ritual, while waiting for it to start!!

Trying to selfie with the stage but failing miserably. I need to buy a new selfie stick. The last one went kaput!!

Amped Trampoline Park – Bouncing Fun!

Amped Trampoline Park – Bouncing Fun!

I’ve been a “single mom” for the last 2 weekends. I was running out of ideas to bring the kids out to places where they can be tired out in the shortest possible time. (ko so that I can have an afternoon of peace). I was toying with the idea of going rock climbing but 小小宝贝 couldn’t take part in it as he’s too young. I vaguely remembered from Shimian’s blog that there’s a trampoline place in the east.

Easy peasey. Did a google on it and yes!!! They allow young children into the trampoline area as long as they are able to walk, under the supervision of a parent.

So Amped Trampoline Park it is! I tried to book slots online but wow! It was full on sat! This place is really popular! So I settled for Sun morning.


And there’s free parking right beneath it!! Also a kopitiam on 1st floor. But it’s hard to starve in that area. It’s surrounded by good food.


As instructed in the website we brought along socks. Socks are sold at $3 for forgetful people. I was tempted to buy a pair for myself. They are non slip socks. It’s hard to find non slip socks for preschoolers and adults.

The 2 宝贝s couldn’t wait to get started. It’s a chore to get 2 excited kids to pose beautifully. Sigh!

As soon as we went through the net, 宝贝 abandoned us and bounced around happily on her own…



The next time I spotted her, she was drowning happily in the foam pit. I was so tempted to bounce around myself. But parental duties first. I had to shadow Mr 小小宝贝 around.

Initially he was upset that he couldn’t walk properly as everyone bounced around him and he lost his balance. He figured out that the easiest way to move around was to run along the adjoining blue strips. There he went!



Then he got a little bolder and started venturing onto the black trampoline surfaces.


Finally he couldn’t resist it and started jumping on it.




There he was! Landing with finesse after a baby jump.

And surprise surprise! Guess who we met there! My brother!!


His first time there too!!

I was conked out after 40 mins of running after 小小宝贝. Meanwhile I only saw flashes of 宝贝 hopping around. She sure has good stamina.

Conclusion : instant success! 宝贝 is already asking when I’m bringing here there again. And she wants to go with Jiu Jiu who can teach her tricks as he used to be a gymnast.

Proof of result :


✌️Peace reigns! That’s why I’ve time to blog now!

We are 100% going again! Anyone wants to come along??!!

Amped Trampoline Park
369 Tanjong Katong Road, Singapore 437126
(Level 2, above the kopitiam
*Entrance is up the staircase at the back near the carpark
*Free parking at location
Tel: 8669 4894


Tango – Puppets @ Play

Tango – Puppets @ Play

I’ve wanted to blog about this for quite a while. Edited the photos and kept them in the photo stream. My iPhone just ran out of space (yes yes. I know people probably find this unbelievable that a 32gb iPhone can actually run out of space. But I’m a photo cum video hoarder), so I thought I should just blog about it and clear a little space for more photos. The immediate solution is to just buy myself an iPhone5!! :p

This was the first puppet show that I’ve ever brought 宝贝to. We have been catching plays and kiddy shows on and off. And I figured that this would be a refreshing change. I googled it and found pretty good reviews on it. It’s a one man show by an Argentinian puppeteer, brought in by Act 3 Theatre.


We had to set out pretty early as this was the first time we were going to the Act 3 theatre. I’ve heard horror stories from friends on how tough it was to find parking. Sure enough, the car park was only just large enough to house 6 cars and the nearest car park was along Anthony Road which was quite a distance away. It would have been quite disastrous if it rained. Mental note: no more shows at this venue unless hub comes along.

We were dropped off and since we were early we joined the rest of the families on the wooden benches outside a small little wooden structure.


宝贝 munching on her biscuit while waiting for the show to start. *nom nom nom*

I was wondering what the interior of the theatre looked like when its exterior resembled a pre war storehouse. My curiosity was finalized satisfied and yes it was a storehouse on the inside!!

The little stage was filled with the props, there was sitting space right in front of it and everyone rushed to grab the the best seat nearest to the stage. I preferred to sit on the first row of chairs so that I had an elevated, unblocked view and I wasn’t too keen to jostle for space.

The show started with the puppeteer recounting how he became interested in the art and his journey. With a heavily accented English, he spoke in a very animated way and soon infected the whole crowd with his enthusiasm and positivity. His props were simple yet imaginative, very colorful and brought to life by his acrobatic movements and well trained actions.

Every single part of his body could be used, to animate one, two or even three puppets at the same time. He made use of lights, simple every day items to produce various visual effects to wow the crowds. His shadow play was amazing. With a twitch of his fingers and parts of his body, he produced creative shadowy images that thrilled the minds with his innovation.

We were not allowed to take photos of the performance so I had to take photos of the brochure… Better than nothing lar!




We are being exposed to all kinds of media every day. They tend to be very blatant and very “in your face”. You don’t need much imagination or creativity to absorb the imagery that is conveyed. You can’t help but wow at the innovative ways that the puppeteer has used to bring his puppets to life.

But what struck me as the best part of the performance was the last bit, his ending speech.

Children are the best things that can happen in your lives. Now they love you unconditionally and treat you as their whole world, worship you like gods. There will come a time when they will outgrow this and move on with their own lives. You, as parents should cherish this phase of their lives because it’s very short and once it’s gone you will never get it back. This is the time when you should spend the most time with them and it will be the best part of your lives. Cherish this moment and give them all the love you have. Hug Them, Kiss Them, Shower Them with all your Love.

I can’t help but wholeheartedly agree with him. Images of 宝贝 in her baby phase and now her toddler phase, the hilarious things she did or said. Yes. I can’t turn back the clock and she’s growing up in leaps and bounds every day. She won’t be making the same cute mistakes and she’s now talking more logically. She’s still adorable in her own more mature way now. But I couldn’t help remembering how she was like just months back or even 1-2 years ago.

I felt like quitting my job on the spot and spending all my time with her!! (hee hee.. realistically, I don’t think I can last more than 2 weeks as a Stay At Home Mum though…)  It’s never too late to manage my work life balance and make the most of these precious years when she still adores me unconditionally. (everyone tells me that she will soon start talking back and make me mad. :p)

Anyway, back to Tango – puppets @ play. If you have missed it this year, remember to go for it next year. Enjoy it with your children.  These are one of the simple things in life that can make you smile.   🙂

The Cat in the Hat

The Cat in the Hat

Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat is in town! And it’s brought in by the SRT (Singapore Repertory Theatre) . I’ve always liked SRT’s productions. They are always very professional, even the ones for the little’ums. I’m coming back again for God of Carnage to watch Lea Salonga in action! Though, ironically it’s a play and not a musical (she earned her star status through her legendary voice in various musicals). It should be good though. I’ve yet to be disappointed by a SRT production.

宝贝’s school did a holiday programme on this book. So the mummies and I arranged to bring her and her friends for this.


Frankly I’m not a fan of Dr Seuss book, not even when I was a child. You either love or don’t like his books. Hate is too strong a word to be used here. The rhyming words are useful when they are read to a child but the content and stories never grew on me.

For a very short book with not much content (sorry to fans of Dr Seuss), the UK theatre company did a very commendable job in translating it to a play. The actors were fantastic, the costumes and props were very well adapted from the book. They even had fantastic theatrical antics that stretched the imagination of the audience. What can I say? It’s an A grade production!! The children had a good time, laughing at the jokes and all.


I sneaked a shot at the stage. :p. it’s useful to have an iPhone. (I love you Steve!!) A pretty good shot, considering the distance from which it was taken and the dim lighting. Yes.. We were not that near and that was despite us purchasing the tickets months back!! The little ones’ theatre audience is really active in Singapore!!!

We let 宝贝and her little friends run around the Robertson Walk area. Nice and safe. That’s another reason why I like to go for SRT’s productions. Nice big safe area for the little ones to roam. Ample car park lots. The Alliance Francais venue is a nightmare. You have to walk a great distance (hauling a toddler) cross the busy roads and pass by various construction sites.


At the fountain. Negotiation in progress.


Aidan with a wide grin. -> mission accomplished.