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Sunday Morning Snapshot – Giant Snail!

Sunday Morning Snapshot – Giant Snail!

Sunday. Rain. 🌂cool weather.

Lounging at the dining area, watching the raindrops 💦 splitter splatter on the balcony, when we spotted a brown patch on the wall.


It’s huge! Check out its size in proportion to the plastic milk bottles on the bottom of the picture!!

There were lots of squealing and exclamations ⚠️⚠️. Because we are a bunch of suaku urbanites. Even though my childhood was spent catching tadpoles, grasshoppers and other-unnamable-bugs in the gardens, I haven’t seen such a huge snail. The ones I’ve seen were usually half its size or flattened ones.


Check out a close up shot of it! What a beauty!! Ok ok it’s not exactly a masterpiece shot. I was carrying a wriggling 小小宝贝 (who happens to weigh 11kg and was excitedly waving his arms and gesturing at the snail) with my left arm, and trying to snap Mr. Snail from an awkward angle so that it’s not against the light. So, ya, that’s the result of it.

One of the little things to appreciate in life. Taking time off to smell the roses and snapping snails.

Coincidentally, 宝贝 and I are in the midst of reading this book – the snail and the whale.


A fine good read by the same author who wrote the award winning “Gruffalo”. Beautifully illustrated with a simple yet thought provoking storyline and wonderful rhyming words. How a whale brought a little snail on an adventure around the world and how that tiny spelling snail eventually saved the life of the huge whale.

Moral of the story : Spelling is important. Every creature counts, even small little ones.

Sunday Morning Snapshot – Sexy Swimsuit Babe

Sunday Morning Snapshot – Sexy Swimsuit Babe

It’s been a looong while since I’ve updated my Sunday Morning Snapshots. Ever since I shifted 宝贝’s swimming lessons to another day, I hardly have time to take the idyllic Sunday Morning photos because it’s always been a mad rush. Or maybe it’s because the routine has been broken.

Anyway… Here goes… The sexy babe!


Hehe… Not sexy enough? Ok, get ready for the real sizzling hot 🔥stuff!





Ah! If anyone needs a hot swimwear model, come speak to her talent manager. Ya. That’s moi! 😬

Sunday Morning Snapshot – Little Kitty Face

Sunday Morning Snapshot – Little Kitty Face

I could hear the pitter pattering of little feet running around my room. I half opened my eyes (totally zonked out by the baby who woke up once every hour last night) and estimated it to be around 730am.

I was expecting the usual stuff, 宝贝 would jump into my bed and play with her brother. About 15 mins passed, nothing happened, except lots of rustling sounds from my toilet. This was extremely unusual.

I called out to her and she ran…in the opposite direction – to her room!

Ok. Fishy…!

Finally she appeared and whispered in a very remorseful voice,”Mommy please help…”


She did this to her face.



“What’s that on your face?!”

My hub came into the room and explained.

“She’s been playing with your makeup. She used up a lot of tissue, trying to remove it. Then she used water. But she couldn’t remove it. When you called out to her she ran away because she was afraid that she’s going to get scolded…”

That explained all the running around and rustling sounds. =.=”

“Waaa it’s permanent! It can’t be removed for one week!”

Then tears started to pool in her eyes. “I don’t want to go out like this!! Ugly!!” She wailed!

“If I remove them for you, do you promise not to play with my makeup again?”

She tearfully nodded her head.

“No promises ok! I will try to remove it. If I can’t then you have to stay at home for a week until it’s gone!”

So I used the makeup remover. And made a big fanfare out of it. “Waaa! So hard to remove! Waaa! You are so lucky!!!! See!! It can be removed! You may not be so lucky the next time!”

She happily left the room with a clean face. My makeup is safe…. For now….

Sunday Morning Snapshot – Looking at the World through a Hole in the Chair

Sunday Morning Snapshot – Looking at the World through a Hole in the Chair


The cheeky boy plonked his head on the tray of his high chair and peeked at me through the hole in my dining chair. Now you see me…!!


宝贝’s turn!


Hey! It’s me again!! *giggle* peek-a-boo!!

Sunday Morning Snapshot – Puzzle Time

Sunday Morning Snapshot – Puzzle Time

We found an old box of puzzle. 54 pieces. 宝贝’s been pretty pro at assembling the 20 pcs jigsaw puzzles. I’ve been meaning to buy more complicated ones when I’ve the time. So, as you may have guessed, time is never enough. This box was from Auntie Evelyn.

宝贝 assembled it all by herself. That means I’ve to go and find an even more “chim” one for her…


From sitting upright, posing with the floor puzzle to….




She claimed she’s all tired out from the intensive puzzle assembling. 😅 sigh…. Strawberry generation. 🍓

Sunday Morning Snapshot – Calligraphy

Sunday Morning Snapshot – Calligraphy

We woke up to a cool Sunday morning. Dashed was our morning swimming plan. Alternatively, 宝贝 practised her calligraphy. Looked more like drawing to me though.


A very serious calligrapher she was.


My mom has been practising with her on this word for a long time. Can you make out what it is? Her surname – 梁. A lot of room for improvement.


She’s better with her ABCs.

Next year she’s supposed to be able to write her full Chinese name. She’ll need lots of practice. Thanks to her sadistic parents.