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My 1st love once a upon a time. But now it’s been relegated to No. 2.

It’s a NO WORK Day!

It’s a NO WORK Day!

This morning, I decided that TODAY would be a NO WORK day. No office email, no thinking of work (ok ok, I made some work calls and messages, but really short ones!).

Morning – did my chores at home. Accompanied my grandmother to her rehabiliative care, had lunch with her, chit chatted with her and sat with her until she fell asleep.

Afternoon – listened to Mr. Talkative (aka 小小宝贝) tell me about his day at school, how he made his Vacuum cleaner gun (ya, another one of his numerous inventions. This one sucked up bad people.) with his best friend, ran him through his Shichida exercises and other brain training puzzles (which were languishing in neglect because I was too busy), practised his Yamaha music stuff with him. When 宝贝 came back from school, supervised her homework.

Evening – Rode through the park connectors with 小小宝贝 (shortened my life by a few years because of how he rode along the busy roads), while Miss 宝贝 preferred to play with her friends (Sigh! 女大不中留).

Night – Patted both of them while listening to them whisper sweet nothings to me, telling me how much they love me. Finally, I got to read my book. My new year’s resolution (every year!) was to reduce my pile of “Want to read, but no time to read” books.

It’s been a long time. And I kind of like it. Say… I really can get used to a life like that! Maybe it’s time to give it some serious consideration….🤔

Sentosa KidZ Flea 2017 Part 1

Sentosa KidZ Flea 2017 Part 1

I came across the Sentosa KidZ Flea 2 years back when I was doing research on flea market for children. However, we were always unavailable during the dates.  This year, I made up my mind to participate in it! I checked with 宝贝 if she would be interested, well, of course she was! Ever since she was introduced to the concept of money when she started Primary 1, she’s now more aware of it. We currently measure prices in equivalence to her pocket money per day.


Sentosa KidZ Flea is an award winning event organised by Sentosa annually and it takes place during the March holidays. It is open to children (age 7-12 years old) for them to sell their handicraft, pre-loved items, new items or even to set up game stalls. It promotes the entrepreneurial spirit in a fun way! They even gave a briefing session to the children to guide them on what to do and also to warn us parents that it’s the “real world” out there. Anything, and everything could happen. So it’s up to us, parents, to decide how much we wanted to step in.

Credit to

And so, I signed up for a store for 1 day (we decided not to be too ambitious on our first try) for the girls to try their hands at being mini bosses. After their briefing, the 2 老板娘s eagerly set down to conceptualise their stall and what to sell (with some inputs from their creative and helpful parents, us lah!).

And so, they brainstormed at a cafeteria.

They wrote down a list of possible names for their stall. They debated on whether to sell handmade bracelets and necklaces, pre loved toys or their paintings. In the end, they decided that they would sell cute stationery (think smiggle style) and pretty hair accessories. I overheard them saying, “if we can’t sell everything, then we can bring them home and use! yay!!” Duh….  (Priorities, Kids!!) Well, I couldn’t really fault them for their logic. Because if they liked the products enough to want to own them, then so would others..?? So they picked the products (that they liked… they squealed in excitement over the product pictures), debated over the pricing (based on the sale price at their school bookshops and Popular) and finalised the actual quantities they wanted to order.

Most importantly, they decided on who the bosses were. They have already recruited their little siblings to be their sales people and have worked out the wages.

They came up with their logistics list…


And…. their booth design! After lots of discussion, they finalised their uniforms on that day – Pink top (yes, that includes 小小宝贝) and leggings (they compromised on this and allowed 小小宝贝 to wear jeans).

What’s next? Wait for their goods to arrive, take stock and pack them nicely.

SO… If you are looking for activities during the March holidays…..

Do come down to Sentosa, Palawan Beach area on next Thursday 16 March 2-7pm. Come and patronise our booth! The girls (and boy) will be selling cute stationery and hair accessories at very affordable prices. And part of the proceeds will be donated to Charity! Look out for our little bosses dressed in pink tops and leggings (or jeans)!

Be there or BE SQUARE!








I unearthed a forgotten trove of journals when I was trying to locate one of my old travel journals to plan for my next holiday! 

I marveled at how legible my handwriting was! 😁 Back in 1998! Now, it has been reduced to a scrawl, though not quite up to the standard of the “Doctor font” yet. (Sigh! It goes to show that no matter how badly I write, I don’t have the potential to be a doctor. Oh well!)

I posted the picture in FB and some very wonderful friends praised my ex-handwriting. Ok! For that, I’ll endeavour to improve my current standard!! 

Some others were surprised that I actually kept journals. Yes! I did and I still do (very sporadically now). I’m still quite old school. I need to scribble on something for my ideas to take shape. 

I used to write in my diaries every day. When I go through them now, memories come back to me and yet they felt like a few lifetimes away. Those were part of me and yet, there’s no way I can write like that now. Not at this point of my life, with the current state of mind. I kind of miss the old me, with a naive set of idealism and can-do attitude (to the point of being “ti ki”). Ah! How nice it was, to be young, to have the “anything can be done” 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼, the silly squabbles, the shallow crushes. 

Looking back now, it seems that I had a whole lot more fun than what I have right now. It’s a chore to be a grown up! But at least I’ve had my good old wild days! Been there, done that!

Maybe, just maybe, one day, I can make the choice to unshackle myself from the mundane responsibilities and liabilities and be wild again?! But by then, already become old auntie already leh. Sigh…!

Everyone should start journaling! You will be surprised to read what you are writing now, 20 years later! It’s like recovering parts of your life. 😜

*ti ki – hokkien for metal teeth. Aka persistent. 

🎵🎵Santa Claus is Coming to Town!🎵🎵

🎵🎵Santa Claus is Coming to Town!🎵🎵

小小宝贝 has been in the Christmas mood for the last few months. I’ve been having live carolling in the house. BUT he has a quirky talent of changing the lyrics to suit himself. 😅

You better watch out

You better not cry

You better not pout

I’m telling you why 

Santa Claus is coming to town 

He sees you when you’re pee-peeing 

He knows when you are awake 

He knows if you’ve been bad or good

So be good for goodness sake 

Me : Eh it doesn’t sound very right. Can you sing the part “he sees you when you’re…” again??

小小宝贝 : 🎵He sees you when you’re PEE-PEEING🎵

Me : pee-peeing!? Isn’t it sleeping?! 

小小宝贝 : No. Pee-peeing. Cannot dirty the toilet! Must pee into the toilet bowl! (Indignantly) Not sleeping!!! 

Me : ok ok. It does make sense. 

小小宝贝 continued his carolling, very smugly.  


SG50 – We've Come a Long Way!

SG50 – We've Come a Long Way!

It was with pride as I took in the beautiful night view of our skyline. We have indeed come a long way. It’s by no mean feat that we have turned 50 and we can’t rest on our laurels if we want to celebrate SG100. 

Once upon a time, I used to cringe when I heard Singlish. After living in Germany for a year, listening to German or German accented English every single day, I was actually delighted when I caught Singlish being spoken in a foreign country. Ah! My fellow countrymen, I beamed. The familiarity and the longing (to my surprise) for this unique language made me want to go home. 

I knew, at that moment, that there’s no other place that I would call home. It’s through living in other countries that I realized how lucky I was, to be born a Singaporean. Sure, it’s not perfect, but it’s home. 

The National Day Message which was read by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, summed up the hardships and struggles our forefathers have been through. It totally resonates with me. Thank you our forefathers and I’ll endeavor to forge on and aspire to make a difference in the lives of the people around me. 

A reminder to myself, lest I forget. Here’s the transcript of PM Lee’s National Day Message 2015. 

National Day Message 2015

My Fellow Singaporeans

50 years ago, on this very night, Singapore was on the eve of a momentous change. The Cabinet had already signed the Separation Agreement. The Government Printers were busy printing the Separation Agreement and the Proclamation of Independence in a special Government Gazette. The Commissioner of Police and the Commander of the army units had been told by the Malaysian Government to take orders from the new government the next day. But all this happened in strict secrecy. Our forefathers went to bed oblivious of what was about to happen, still for the time being citizens of Malaysia.

Then morning came. The 9th of August 1965. Our world changed. At 10 a.m., a radio announcer read the Proclamation. Singapore had left Malaysia and would “forever be a sovereign, democratic and independent nation”. The Republic of Singapore was born.
People were apprehensive. No one knew if we could make it on our own. Our economy was not yet viable, much less vibrant. We had practically no resources, and no independent armed forces. Around noon on that first day, Mr Lee Kuan Yew gave a press conference on TV. He broke down halfway, unable to contain his emotions. It was, he said, “a moment of anguish”.

But that moment of anguish turned into a lifetime of determination to forge a path for this island nation. At the end of the press conference, Mr Lee made a promise to Singaporeans. He said: “We are going to be a multi-racial nation in Singapore. We will set an example. This is not a Malay nation; this is not a Chinese nation; this is not an Indian nation. Everyone will have his place, equal: language, culture, religion.”

From that break, we began building a nation. And what a journey it has been. It started with the first generation of leaders convincing our pioneer generation that Singapore could succeed as a sovereign country. Together, leaders and the people – the lions and the lion-hearted – fought with unwavering determination to secure our foundations. After them, younger generations picked up the baton and took Singapore further.

Year after year, Singapore progressed. Along the way we overcame many problems – the British withdrawal in 1971, the Oil Crisis in 1973, SARS, the Asian Financial Crisis, and then the Global Financial Crisis. We grew our economy and created jobs, built homes, schools, hospitals and parks. We built a nation.

Year after year, we have kept the promises that Mr Lee Kuan Yew made on the 9th of August 1965: that we will be “one united people, regardless of race, language or religion”; that we will always have a bright future ahead of us.

Therefore on our 50th birthday, we have ample reason to celebrate.

Let us celebrate 50 years of peace and security, underwritten by the blood and sweat of generations of NSmen.

Let us celebrate how we turned vulnerabilities into strengths. How a struggling economy with no domestic market made the world our market and created jobs for our people. How without any domestic hinterland, we made PSA and Changi Airport the best in the world. How from being utterly dependent on Johor for water, we turned the whole island into one catchment area, and developed NEWater. 

How while we had no natural resources, we educated every Singaporean and created opportunities for their talents to thrive. We have proven that together, we are greater than the sum of our parts.

Most of all let us celebrate how we journeyed from Third World to First, as one united people, leaving no one behind. Every citizen has benefitted from Singapore’s progress. Life has improved for all – for Chinese, Malays, Indians and Eurasians; for blue collar as well as white collar workers; for HDB as well as condominium dwellers. We are a nation of home owners. Everyone has opportunities to improve themselves. Everyone can look forward to a brighter future.

At 50 years, as we stand at a high base camp, we look back and marvel how far we have come. We are grateful to those who made it happen.

From this base camp, we can also look forward to new peaks ahead. The journey ahead is uncharted. But we must press on, because we aspire to do better for ourselves and our children.

We know that we will get there, because we will always be there for one another. We are stronger as one people. For example, we instinctively gather to lift a truck to save someone trapped underneath. Even if the music fails, we go on singing the National Anthem with gusto. We are proud of our past and confident of our future. Together we believe in Singapore; together we belong to Singapore; together, we are Singapore.

I am speaking to you from Victoria Concert Hall, a place that holds special significance in Singapore’s history. In 1954, this was called the Victoria Memorial Hall. It was here that Mr Lee Kuan Yew launched the People’s Action Party, and inaugurated the long struggle for a fair and just society. It was here in 1958 that “Majulah Singapura” was first performed. It was at the Padang nearby, after independence, that we held our National Day Parades, and sang “Majulah Singapura” together as a nation.

50 years on, on our Golden Jubilee, we will gather again at the Padang. We will sing “Majulah Singapura” proudly, and recite the National Pledge. We will rejoice in the success of our last five decades, and commit ourselves anew to work together as one united people, regardless of race, language or religion, to build Singapore, so as to achieve happiness, prosperity, and progress for our nation.

Happy 50th National Day!

Ming Ming’s Diary – My First Lou Hei

Ming Ming’s Diary – My First Lou Hei

Massive backlog on my diary… What to do… Small fingers I have. It takes me very long to blog a post. Please bear with me!

2014 cny eve

Yesterday evening I had my first Lo hei!!


But I was too tired to Dayre about it. My normal bedtime is at 630pm. By the time Mama and Papa brought me home, it was almost 9pm. And me?? I was already in Lala land.

When I heard we were going for a Lo hei I was expecting something black (黑黑)but it was so colourful.


The waiter was chanting some prayers as he poured the ingredients onto the plates. I saw his 💦💦💦splatter into the Lo hei. Eeeks! So I didn’t eat any, smart baby I am.


Then all the adults used their chopsticks to toss everything and more chanting and more saliva!!! 😱

Ah..! Now I know. That’s Lo hei!!!

My Jie Jie said her fruits tasted better than the Lo hei. There she was. Eating the fruits.


Pretty babe right? I’m so proud of her. Anyone who wants to date her will have to go through me!!!

Let me see…. I like to drink milk!! Lots of milk. You will need to bribe me with milk then maybe I’ll consider introducing her to you. 😏

And me? Haiz. I forgot to bring food. 1st time at the reunion dinner. So noob. Next time I’ll remember to bring my own food like my Jie Jie.

I can only play with my limited edition toy car.


I got bored with my toy car after a while. Hey! Adults take so long to eat their food. Sheesh!!


I had to walk around on the chairs and remind everyone to hurry up!! It’s past Ming Ming’s bedtime. Omg!!! It was way way past!! Hey I need to sleep so that my brain can develop!!! You are making my iq drop by a few notches!!!

Why is your mouth so small?? Like a guppy?? Open it bigger!!! Like this!! RAWR!! Eat faster!!!


I need to go home for my princely sleep. *yawn*

Swiss Air – Disappointing is an understatement!

Swiss Air – Disappointing is an understatement!

My first time on Swiss Air, probably my last time. Unless, it’s on a business trip and it happens to be the only suitable airline.  Or else… NAH AH!!

I have never taken Swiss Air before, although I have taken quite a many other ones.  Due to the recent air disasters, my company decided to split the whole group of us into 2 different flights – Swiss Air or Singapore Airlines.  Obviously, everyone wanted the Singapore Airline flight…. so we had to “lucky draw” the air ticket.  Lucky me ended up with Swiss Air. (That’s precisely why I stay away from casinos!)  I just thought that, since it was a pick between the 2 airlines, the quality and standard of the 2 airlines should be pretty close.  Although my brother warned me about Swiss Air, having taken it last year.

And Boy! I was utterly WRONG in my assumption. It’s far from the standard of Singapore Airlines.

Listing my reasons in descending order of importance :

9. Earphones?!

The first that struck me when I boarded the plane was, huh?! Earphones?! That’s so 20th century! Most of the flights which I have taken in the recent years have since switched to headphones.  And why am I picking on such nitty gritties? Well, a plane’s a plane.  I can’t inspect the engine so I can only pick on the small stuff.  That’s what makes the whole consumer experience right?

8. No overnight bag

This is the FIRST airline.  FIRST! That doesn’t provide an overnight bag for a long overnight flight! Serious! Luckily, I remembered to bring my own toothbrush.

7. No socket for gadget charging

Ok, this is a very recent thingy.  I have only seen this in the planes which I have taken this year. That’s why it’s low on importance, yah?

6. No moisturiser or amenities in the toilet.

So far, all the airlines that I have taken (except for Scoot, Asia Air, not counted lar!! Budget airlines!! Budget leh!) have moisturisers in the toilets. So giam siap meh?? It’s not like we are paying peanuts??

5. Call buttons are for show

You can press the call attendant button for the entire flight and no one will appear.  I highly suspect that they are simply put there for decorative purposes.

4. Not allowed to pick seats during online purchase of air tickets.

I have been buying my air tickets online.  Heck! I have been buying almost everything online!! I am an avid online shopper! This is the first time, in recent years, that when I buy air tickets online that I am unable to pick my seats. Especially when I am buying a ticket that has a child no-seat ticket attached to it.  Usually the front row seats can be picked.  But to give the airline the credit, they did give us a front row seat for that particular ticket at the “manual” check in counter at the airport.

3. No baby food prepared

Of course Scoot didn’t have that… Budget airline.  I took SQ for the past few times when I was travelling with a baby.  They even gave us a few jars of baby food to pick from and even warmed them up for us.  Ok ok… don’t compare with SQ huh?? So discriminating arh? Ok ok… I try not to..

2. Only one cup of milk

I asked for milk for my girl.  The flight attendant whipped out a little 250ml bottle of milk and starting to open it to pour it out into a glass.  I told her, “Thanks, but you don’t need to pour it out.  She can drink it out of the bottle directly.” Her reply really caught me off-guard.

“Sorry! I can’t give you the whole bottle of milk. Other people may want milk too.  I only have 4 bottles.” What the heck?! 4 bottles of 250ml of milk for half the plane?! That’s a miserable 1l of milk?! I took a sip of the milk. Nothing special leh.  In fact, Meiji milk tastes better. Giam ganah to the max!!!

1. This is the BIGGEST reason that put me off Swiss Air flights! ATTITUDE!!!

Waaa! When I think about it now, as I’m blogging about it, it gets me worked up again. Chill chill! Or else high blood pressure ya?

What do you do when you press the decorative call button for forever and no one comes, while your toddler is screaming his head off, with the hub struggling to contain and prevent him from kicking the dinner tray over, trays on the pulled-out table, and your preschooler suddenly declares, in the midst of the chaos that she MUST go to the toilet now, or else….!!!

So, while I was trying to balance 3 overflowing dinner trays and trying to clear a path for my daughter to visit the toilet, I spied a recess between my seat (I was sitting on the last row) and the wall.  Instinctively, I stacked the 3 trays on top of one another securely on the floor in that recess.  Ok.. problem solved.  Hub was still struggling with screaming toddler, but that’s his problem as he was sitting in the section behind us, separated by a wall. Preschooler was safely back in her seat, after her toilet expedition.

The flight attendant (the same one who refused to give me milk, but ok, that’s not her fault, it’s logistics) came by with her food trolley to clear all the trays. Obviously my tables were empty. In her school teacher voice, she asked,”Where are your trays?”

“Behind me.” I pointed to the neatly stacked trays on the floor behind my seat.

She glared at me, for at least 1 minute (I thought her eyes were going to pop out from their sockets under the pressure), huffed and pushed her trolley away without clearing the trays.  Oh well, I thought, don’t want to clear, not my problem…

A while later, she came back (probably after depositing her trolley). She stood over me and glowered at me, “next time don’t put your trays there!” It was the tone and the words which got to me. I gave her my look-at-her-up-and-down look and said,”My daughter needed to go to the toilet and there was nowhere else to put the trays.”

She continued with her laser-glare while she picked up the trays.

Wa lau eh! That’s the worst service I have ever received!! Super pissed off! The plane can be void of amenities, but bad service is something that gets my hackles up! Come to think of it, I should have taken the cutlery and cups and dishes apart and lay them on the floor so that she had to pack everything together before she could clear the trays. But then again, I won’t be setting a good example for my daughter. Sigh! How I wish I am not a mother and I can do all these nasty things! Couldn’t even swear at her! Must preserve my good mother image… What a sacrifice!

Ok… That’s it.  Rant over! On with my wonderful holiday! Just no more Swiss Air for me after this trip! Don’t let me see her on my return flight siah!!! Or else… I will…. keep pressing the call button and make her serve me 100 times! Hey wait! The call button is gei one… Must think of something else to torture her with!

Say say only lah…

SQ Business Class!

SQ Business Class!

This is the 2nd time in my life that I’m taking business class and my first time on sq biz. So this merits a post!

My virgin business class experience on Air France was more than a decade ago. Well, the seat was wider (slightly) than the economy’s and my meal was served in order (not the everything at one time tray) and I had my first taste of foie gras!

But, the SQ business class is WOW! 3 of me can sit on the one seat. There’s a legrest.


Legs too short… Have legrest also no use. 😅 the seat can recline totally when the plane is in the air. My short legs can then rest fully on the legrest.

Welcome drink!


Champagne! Cheers! Actually mine is a prop. I’m nursing a cold so I’m just posing with my colleague’s drink. 😁

This is what the seat looks like when it’s fully transformed into a flat bed.


The head area.


The feet area, where my short legs hardly reach. Compared to the squashed up seat in the economy class, this is heaven. Even for a petite person like me, I find the economy seat really cramped. And believe me, I’ve tried 101 sleeping positions and none works. I pity the passengers who are much bigger sized than I am.

The generous number of USB ports and socket for the charging of all my gadgets and pump. These are the little things that don’t look important but I totally appreciate their presence.

The next perk – service. The sq crew has impeccable service. They remember each and every one of our names and respond immediately to the call button.

And of course, sq is famous for the food.


The first booklet I pick up once I strap myself in. I’m such a glutton.



Now for the real thing…. Ta da!




Part of my breakfast.


I don’t understand why anyone would order cup noodles on sq flights when they have yummy beef noodles. But ya, I’ve been eating non stop since I stepped into the plane, despite my flu and blocked nose. I’m probably going to put on 5kg by the time I step off the plane. 😱

The seat offers so much privacy that I could do my milk pumping in peace. I can’t imagine doing it in economy class, seating beside a stranger. Eeewww! And that’s while I was feasting my eyes on yummy Leonardo Di Caprio on the huge led, totally clear screen.


Time to catch up on my sleep so that I can kill the flu bug! Night night!

My Last Big 3 Birthday!

My Last Big 3 Birthday!

This marks the last big 3 I’d ever be. Moving into a new decade next year. When I was young, year 2000 was a huge thing! And now it’s already 2014!

And anyone aged >30 years old = old. Darn! That makes me older than old! Anyway 40 is the new (Erm…) 30?? I was going by 40 is the new 20, but everyone thinks that I’m pushing it, so I’m settling for 30.

I’ve had quite a few birthday celebrations. Thanks buddies!!! Yesterday’s was probably the finale (already week long celebration).

I was moping around because he didn’t mention anything about it. So sian. I told him I’m going to Mia on HIS birthday! Hmpf! *fold arms*

So he said,”ok lah! Pick you up at 630! Secret place!” Right… I was contemplating wearing tshirt and shorts….

So 630 came. I sulkily went up the car and then… Ta da!


Surprise!! Must give it some airtime for I’ve not received a bouquet for the looooongest time ever!!!


Another shot! Must milk it for its worth!

“So where are we going?”
“Hilton lar”
“Hilton?? Iggy’s?!?!”

Wow! Iggy’s is a place that I’ve always heard of but have never been there. The last time we went to a posh place was to au Jardin!!! And that was dunno how long ago!!!


Iggy’s!!! 😍😍😍


Must give the person who’s footing the bill some “FaceTime” too.

The ambience was fabulous! Service of course “one level sart! 一级棒!” (That means very good! Not the kind that you wave like crazy but people look through you like you are Ms Invisible).



The menus we took.

And next… Yes next… Don’t blink!! It’s food art!!


Oyster pudding!! It’s super fresh oysters in chawanmushi kind of pudding. He’s not an oyster person so I gobbled it up!


Sea urchin on angel hair pasta with green peas. This is the 3rd time in my life that I’m eating sea urchin. Yums!


Scallop that’s just nicely cooked! So tender and it melts in your mouth. The bubbly white stuff is onion sauce. Then there’s caviar on cream cheese (I think…).


Tuna belly on a bed of veggies, drizzled with Yuzu sauce. It’s melt-in-your-mouth tuna! *drool*


Sea bream on spinach sauce. We missed out the crabmeat appetizer photo because my phone was out of storage and I forgot to take the photo again. 😩


Truffle covered pork belly on white asparagus. My dieting starts next month!!


Seafood risotto. Risotto infused with seafood taste and shellfishes!


Seafood pasta. It’s yummy but I can’t identify it on the menu though… If they give extra food, then just eat lar… Right??


Wagyu beef!! The most highly marbled beef in the world!! It’s soft and tender!! He agreed that it’s delicious but argued that he preferred the “dua gong gong” (big piece) kind at Morton’s. Sigh…


Hungarian pork! Nice! But of course, my Japanese beef beats it hooves down!!!


Dessert!!! Some sorbet with earl grey jelly. The combination rocks!!!


His dessert… Some passion fruit thingy in brands essence lookalike jar. Can’t find it on the menu. Substandard he declared!


With a cheapo substandard straw. Lol. I think it’s a filler dish because we can’t find it on the menu. My menu has 3 more dishes than his. So I suspect, they whipped up filler dishes because it won’t look too nice when I get served and he gets nothing. So it’s a bonus dish = Mai Hiam lar! (Don’t complain about it!)


One of the nicest desserts I’ve tried. Champagne sorbet! With crispy puff, berries, fruit jelly sheets. Visually appealing and palate pampering!!


My birthday cake! I’m 1 year old!! Fat hope!! I made my (many) wish and he said,”why is your wish taking so long?! Must be making a lot of wishes!! Greedy leh you!” Shucks! I got caught!!


The melting chocolate cake was yummy! But I was too stuffed to finish it!!


My mysterious birthday egg…

Hmmm…I don’t make a very good food blogger. Not enough gastronomically appealing vocabulary…

But you get the idea! Iggy’s is AWESOME!!!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

This is surely my very first Halloween party! I have never thought much of Halloween. To me it was more of an *”Ang Moh” festival, a big dress up party. Well it still is! hehe.

Halloween happens on the 31st October and you can wiki it here. In short it’s the western version of our “Qing Ming”, during which, the spirits roam the earth and it’s also a time to remember our loved ones who have passed on.

Anyway, on that fateful 31st October (just 2 weeks back. I know. It took me 2 weeks to put this post up. I had wanted to, but…) evening, 宝贝and I were enjoying the evening breeze after her dinner at the porch. I was home on sick leave as I had caught an Australian bug on my last day in Western Australia. 2 little monsters (1 dressed in ghoulish black from head to toe and holding a huge red fork, the other with a “terrifying” mask and holding a grand big hammer) came up to us.

“Aren’t you going for the Halloween party at the function room?” said the little monsters.

“Erm… What party??” I said.

“There’s a Halloween party at the function room today. They dropped the invitation in your mailbox. Don’t you check your mailbox??”

He’s right. My mailbox is always overflowing. Sometimes, I do admire the postman for being able to stuff things in, up to the brim. “Oh. I haven’t checked it yet.”

“That’s right. You just came back from Australia. You can get prizes for playing games at the function room! And there will be trick-or-treat later and you can participate by sticking the pumpkin on your door and the children will come trick-or-treating. But you need a Halloween costume.” They eyed 宝贝and me from head to toe. We were dressed in T-shirts and shorts. Not very Halloween appropriate.

“She doesn’t have a costume. Sigh…”

“We have a Halloween hat. She can wear it. I’m sure they will allow her to participate.”

They ran back to their house and I vaguely heard some yelling and rummaging and emerged with a huge orange hat and thumped it on 宝贝’s head. “There! She’s dressed for Halloween! But she needs a bag to hold the sweets.”

宝贝 insisted on carrying her Strawberry Shortcake knapsack. 2 year olds now have their own opinions! I wonder what I was like when I was 2! So dressed in her Halloween hat, Wellington (it’s drizzling) and her pink bag (not exactly Halloween colour though), the 4 of us scrambled to the function room.

And wow! There were so many children and parents (?? Children I can understand. But so many parents! Is everyone on sick leave, or do these people not need to work? Envy!) dressed up to the nines in their costumes. They took this very very seriously. We’d probably missed most of the games because it was goodie bag distribution time. Our ghoulish monster helped 宝贝 collect her goodie bag. She’s one of the younger ones, who didn’t quite get the picture of the on-going.

The experienced monsters told us that it’s time for trick-or-treat. Of course, we followed the instructions of the experts. We were told to look out for doors with the orange pumpkin stickers. There were extremely elaborately decorated homes, complete with orange carved pumpkins, placed eerily along the steps. Dark lighting, “blood splattered” walls, Halloween banners etc. I was utterly impressed with my neighbours. It’s my first Halloween party after all (*suaku mah). There were adult witches, Hannibal, ghouls, you-name-it-you-get-it. And I was in… still T-shirts and shorts…

Coming back to the trick-or-treat, the 2 little monsters led 宝贝 up the stairs, flanking her at both sides (they really look after her very well), knocked on the door and yelled TRICK OR TREAT! Doors opened and the adults pretended to cringe in fear and offered trays and trays of sweets and small toys to the fearful monsters. 宝贝was initially very reserved, but after a few trial runs, she was also yelling TRICK OR TREAT alongside the older kids.

It was pretty tiring to comb the entire estate (it’s really big!) and 宝贝’s legs weren’t very long. Her little knapsack was full to the brim with sweets and toys, and she was laughing because she participated with the older kids. As usual, it ended with a scary photo shoot.

Happy Halloween! Monsters Unmasked!

2012 Halloween Checklist

1. Halloween costume for 宝贝

2. Halloween costume for moi

3. Carve little pumpkins for landing decoration

4. Get a cool pumpkin basket for 宝贝’s treat collection

5. Prepare goodies for the kids

*ang moh – hokkien dialect. Direct translation : red-haired. Fond nickname for Caucasians.

suaku – mountain tortoise aka ignoramus.