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My Sweet Valentine! 

My Sweet Valentine! 

Look what I’ve found underneath my pillow! 

Given to me by my Sweet Valentine! But I can’t open it til 14th Feb. 😂😂😂

When I asked her about it, she coyly whispered, “Mommy, it’s a SECRET!”  

Little things like these brighten up my days. 

My lovely 宝贝, if you happen to read this one fine day, I just want to tell you, “I love you lots and lots!!” 😘😘😘

My Miracle

My Miracle

If you have been following my blog all these years, you will know that I’m not exactly a kid lover. Unlike some of my friends who go child crazy whenever they see one, I don’t. In fact, I try to keep my distance from them. 

I was mightily happy with being able to take off whenever and wherever I wanted to.  I wasn’t a bad person, just very self-centered. (There! I’ve said it! I hear some sniggers! 😡 you are supposed to disagree!)
Until one fine day…. I had a bee in my bonnet and decided that, “ok, perhaps it’s time to have a child.” Waaa! A lot of people bought 4D that day…

And she came along… On this very day, 6 years ago. 17 September 2009.

when 宝贝 was a few months’ old

She was a textbook baby! Easy going, good temper, gobbled up everything, slept on the dot. Good fortune I have!! I must have done a lot of good deeds to deserve her!! 

It was the best decision in my life, to have her. Being a parent has made me a better person. I used to feel very strongly against some issues but they now seem minute and petty. I think twice now if I want to do something bad (looks around furtively). Even if no one knew that I did it, but I know it and with that, I would have lost the right to teach my child the right thing to do if I can’t even do what I preach. 

at 1 year old

I also found that I could give up a lot of things for her. And I never knew that I was the self sacrificial kind. But hey! Maybe I had it in me all along! 😜 

at 2 years old

I used to love working so much that I spent 14 hours at work a day. Madness!!! Now I can’t wait to spend 14 hours with her!

at 3 years old

All my priorities have shifted. Money doesn’t seem as important anymore. Heck! I was even cutting back on work to spend time with her. I started reading parenting books, cooking books, any book that had to do with her. I even started cooking!! It’s a wonder that I haven’t poisoned all of us yet. (My Home Econs teacher must have been praying for me all these years after I almost poisoned her during food tasting in class. That’s another story altogether.)

at 4 years old

She’s the total opposite of me; she’s whatever I’m not. Sweet, sensitive, empathetic and utterly devoted to all of us.  I’ve been constantly reminded of that by my friends and colleagues. (you know who you are!) (although I’m sure I’ve those qualities, waiting to be discovered).  

at 5 years old
She’s been the best little helper since her
brother arrived. The ever devoted sister and self designated teacher to her little brother. 


Today she’s 6 years old. And I love her to bits!!

Happy 6th birthday my darling 宝贝!I don’t know where I’ll be if you haven’t appeared. You are my miracle. 


宝贝 – Being Reprimanded!

宝贝 – Being Reprimanded!

Me : (one hand lifting 小小宝贝’s poo-encrusted bum off the soiled diaper, the other hand trying to pull a stubborn wipe from its container) 宝贝 can you come and help me with this??

宝贝 : (very obligingly) ok. I’m coming. (As she was holding on to the container so that I could pull the wipes out) Mama do you know why it’s so difficult to pull the wipes out??

Me : no, why? (Expecting some scientific revelation)

宝贝 : (in a parental reprimanding tone) it’s because you lost your temper this morning and you threw it across the room. That’s why it’s like that. You must stop throwing things.

Me : (feeling very guilty and much chastised) orh. I mustn’t do that again.

宝贝 : It’s ok Mama. Just don’t do it again.

Ha! Caught you! Ya.. It’s a tale of the mother being reprimanded by the daughter. I need to keep a rein on my temper. Aside from that, 宝贝 has the makings of a top grade mom.

Dyshidrotic Eczema

Dyshidrotic Eczema

It all started with a few tiny blisters on my palms and my soles. Just mildly irritating but nothing more than that. I started getting worried when more appeared.

The last time I had this, it was HFMD (hand foot mouth disease). But… none of my children was down with it this time. And I had neither fever nor sore throat (well, I did lose my voice and it’s still hoarse because I overused my voice box. Over 10 hours of continuous usage with little chances of water drinking. I need to give myself a gag order!! 😷) This time I couldn’t have been so suay or “cannot make it” to get it when no child in the household had it, right?! *rolls eyes*

I googled (no one uses the word “search” anymore. Google has pulverized the usage of search. Even 宝贝 says,”Mama if you don’t know anything, just google loh!!” 😅) on the symptoms – red rash, impossibly itchy, blisters on palms and feet soles. The search results turned up with hfmd but only if it’s accompanied with fever and sore throat. Or else it’s dyshidrotic eczema.

Gosh! How I hate this word eczema. It’s been plaguing me (because 宝贝 has it) for years and years. It’s probably due to something I ate. But I’ve been eating all kinds of food everyday so it’s kind of hard to pinpoint it.

I have this once every few years. The last time I had it was probably 5-6 years ago. So rightly, I should be very thankful that it’s so occasional.



I just have to endure the itch and pinprick pains when the little blisters combine. The dastardly things don’t itch in the day, but torment me at night!!! I can now totally empathize with 宝贝 now when she scratches her arms. It’s unbearable for me, as an adult and I’ve pretty high tolerance for pain and itch.

It’s been more than a week. Some of the early blisters have dried up yet new ones have been appearing. They have started to spread to the back of my hand.


It appears to be healing though. I pop the occasional antihistamine when it gets unbearable and I’ve hijacked 宝贝’s supply of anti itch sprays and creams.

Once all the blisters have dried up, the skin will flake and peel off.

So looking forward to that day.

I promise I’ll henceforth, stop giving 宝贝 the frown and impatient look, tsk at her, “ooi! Stop scratching leh!!” On the bright side, maybe I got it so that I can live through for a few weeks of what she’s gone through for years.

She gently takes my hand and strokes it. “Mama if it’s itchy, tell me ok?” Then smiles empathetically with her Bambi eyes. In that very moment, I’m the most fortunate mother on earth and yet I’m so humbled. She will make a better Mom than I am in future. That’s my darling girl…

Patience, My Dear, Patience!

Patience, My Dear, Patience!

Me : Hurry up! Why are you taking so long to buckle your seat belt?!

宝贝 : (fumbling with her seat belt) Mama! Can you be more patient?? (In her most adult tone) (gives a loud sigh and shook her head reproachfully at me).

Huh?! Me?! Macham like I’m the impatient kid. Pfft!

Spelling time!

Spelling time!

Wow! It’s been some time since I’ve posted. And it’s been quite a while since I last sat down to do some revision with 宝贝. I’m the English oic and it’s all been very adhoc. As a result, her Chinese has improved by leaps and bounds, thanks to my Mom’s religious drilling everyday. But her English standard has fallen behind.

Although she’s not allowed to play with the phone but every night she’s allowed to send 2 whatsapp messages to anyone, on the condition that she spells the message herself. She’s been doing this since she turned 3. So she’s been building up her vocabulary. From single words to short sentences consisting of 3-4 words.


She loves to message her Jiu Jiu (uncle). He’s by far the most responsive “messager”. Messaging her father is like watching the message disappear into a black hole. But she still messages him quite often, hoping for his once in a while reply.

Today we started on very adhoc spelling. (I’m not sure if I can keep up. 😅)


Freestyle Drawing

Freestyle Drawing


Her doodling on a serviette while we were waiting for our meal to be served.

I love all her freestyle drawings. Untutored, simple, a true reflection of her state of mind. Comparing these to the ones she drew in art class, they look raw but more real. The “art class” pieces were also produced by her but under the guidance of the art teacher who instructed her to draw shapes until they formed pretty pictures. In a way, they were not reflections of her mind, although they were drawn by her.

All the animals and stick people in her freestyle doodles are always smiling. 2 beady eyes and an upward curve for a mouth. She’s a happy child (most of the time). A reflection of her sunny disposition in the doodles.

The 2 animals look like they have the same basic templates, with additionally features. If you haven’t guessed it, the one on top is a camel. The one at the bottom is a giraffe and the stick person is a farmer(?! Don’t ask me why he’s a farmer and not a zoo keeper. That’s what the artist told me. =.=”)

I wonder how her drawings will develop as she grows older. The unknown is exciting, as every child’s potential lies untapped.

Korean Craze – 宝贝

Korean Craze – 宝贝

The first time she did this, I attempted to correct her.

“No no! 1 plus 1 is 2! What the heck is kiyomi?! 2 plus 2 is 4!!”

“Noooo… (In a distressed wail) it’s KIYOMI!!”

“What kind of word is that?!”

“Mama it’s CUTE!!!”


After some consultation with younger friends on whatsapp, I realised that it’s another one of those Korean pop craze thingy. That reminds me of the last time she came home from school galloping like a pony and called her brother “sexy baby”. 😪

For a little girl with no contact with the tv and smart phones, she’s surprisingly well informed….

For the clueless parents like me, I’ve done a google and compiled a gwiyomi (or kiyomi) survival kit. So that you don’t attempt to tell your child that she shouldn’t be sucking her fingers when she chants 6 plus 6.

Gwiyomi wiki for the studious parents.

For the visual parents, check out the following image. Do practise a few times before you perform it with your child.


If you want to bond with your child over smart phone and “buddy” with them, there’s a message version of it.


Check out my 宝贝’s version. 😘

Move over “kawaii”! Here comes “kiyomi!!